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“Brisbane band ‘The Comfort’ have released their anticipated new single ‘Everstone’ in preparation for the upcoming EP ‘Love’ this September. Encapsulated in this single is the perfect mix of emotive clean singing and heavy layered guitar work, highlighting the ‘post-hardcore’ sound that the duo is famous for, with the intensity of the song being increased with a fast moving and simple yet effective film clip. Be sure to keep an eye out for The Comfort’s tour with fellow Australians Grim Indiana in support of their EP this July.”  Music Injection Australia

Brisbane alternative rock duo The Comfort are releasing the first taste of their sophomore EP ‘Love’ with single Everstone delivering more intense passion than any five piece and to celebrate they’ll be touring across the east coast.

Everstone is the band’s first release since losing drummer Lewis Stiles, but the scope of the sound has only increased with the duo’s intense, rough harmonies detailing the soul that goes into each song. 

Instrumentally the single leads with heart pounding percussion, punching melodic guitar and driving bass that powers through every second of the ballad.

Everstone will be available in Spotify from July 1st. Pre-orders for EP ‘Love’ are available from July 2 on iTunes to be release on September 16.

The boys are holding this track close to their hearts offering it as a glimpse of what the new, tighter The Comfort will be all about.

“Everstone is a song about growth and change intertwined with past relationships. It’s also a good starting point for the rest of our next release ‘Love’,” said bassist and vocalist, Dom Harper.

“We did everything we wanted to do and weren’t worried about it not fitting in with our past material or assumptions of our band. It’s a new era for us and we couldn’t be more excited to show everyone the real The Comfort,” said guitarist and vocalist, Liam Holmes.

The filmclip, hosted by massive heavy music channel Dream Bound, takes a look at The Comfort’s honest, high energy, live shows with hypnotising lighting.

To celebrate the release of Everstone, the boys are playing dates in Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney and Brisbane with mates Grim Indiana who are also releasing their single Slowburn.

The Comfort released their debut EP titled ‘Ghosts’ in February 2015 featuring critically praised singles Fair-Weather and Tongues (Masenko) garnering the band welcome attention from triple j and community radio across the country.

Following up ‘Ghosts’ with the slow-burning single Roses, The Comfort brought new meaning to the phrase ‘inspo-rock’ pulling further attention from radio and online to the bands incredible, anthemic base.

To finish The Comfort would like to end with a quote from American ethnobotanist, psychonaut and author Terence McKenna, “There is nobody who is so enlightened that they don’t need to work on themselves.”



The Basement, Canberra, 18+


Wrangler, Melbourne, All Ages


Bald Faced Stag, Sydney, All Ages


The Foundry, Brisbane, All Ages

Comment by Beck Spry

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