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Jen reviews Danielle Deckard’s EP ‘End of the World’

Danielle Deckard’s debut EP “End Of The World” is a refreshing listen as not only is it pleasing to the ear but the lyrics are relatable. Consisting of 6 tracks with 5 as acoustic bonus tracks, this is an EP well deserving of your collection.

The title and opening track is well placed. This is the stand out track for me. Songs that make me want to live my life to the most I find most gratifying to listen to. This song is not asking the listener to achieve great feats, out of their reach but make the most of the time we have. ‘Every moment we are living, is one closer to dying, so let’s not waste this time.” For me with a serious illness, this song is not just motivating but inspires me to make sure my intervals of remission are filled with quality time. A great example of how a song can signify one concept to the person listening and something different to another.

Danielle released a music video for “End Of The World” last week.


Track two ‘Sleep’ is a catchy song that I feel could also relate directly to my pain! I often feel “Sleep, rescue me” I do imagine that everyone has countless times of feeling that sleep is the answer to their problems, and will rescue them. Moving on to track 3 ‘A Thousand Times’ is a love lost story that left me tinged with sadness.

Every now and then there is a song that can make the listener strip away all the pretense in their life and sincerely face reality and admit that they lied. This is superbly done by Danielle in ‘I Lied’. The bonus version of this song showcases Danielle’s depth of vocal talent and the emotion drips from each breath. There is a touch of pleading in this song for a life lost due to a lie.



‘Without Me” has a realistic yet melancholy message. The message of the world going on without us in it, is in fact true. It perhaps leaves out the ones that would miss us, however the impression of this song being written during a time of deep sadness shines through. The final song, “Everything that Never Happened” makes you reflect on the life that you had imagined and not wasting anymore time thinking about that life. This song leaves you wanting more so it is great that the extra bonus tracks are on the EP!

Danielle Deckard is an outstanding talented song writer and singer. I highly recommend this EP for people who like songs with connectable lyrics and like their emotions being challenged……..

Stay tuned for the next part of Danielle’s musical journey. Until then, keep this EP on your playlist.


Written by Jen Rees













Track listing:




End of the World


A Thousand Times

I Lied

Without Me

Everything That Never Happened


Acoustic tracks:

End of the World


I Lied (solo)

Everything That Never Happened


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