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Violet Hull drops incredible single ‘Buy This’.

20 year old Thai-American-Aussie born singer songwriter Violet Hull has just released a thought provoking gem of a song called ‘Buy This’. Violet is a DIY artist who has used this medium to communicate with us her feelings on the state of the world right now. The first time I listened and heard Trumps vocals over the gentle music it made an impact on me. Listening while he is behaving more like a tantrum throwing toddler more so than ever before, I thought, Yes! Here is an artist that gets how I feel about the world (maybe more so the US right now) The idea of selfishness, consumerism and how we just don’t seem to care about others now are well represented in this song. Not only that it is also is a great showcase for Violet’s beautiful vocals and an engaging music video. (created with conceptual artist and painter Kaye Mahoney).

Take a listen to this song that will make you ponder what the hell is going on in this world. A brilliant song Violet! Can’t wait to hear what you come up with next.

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