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‘You Make Everything Disappear’ – Trade Wind Review by Beck Spry

Trade Wind, the love child of Stick to your Guns’s Jesse Barnett and Stray from the Path’s Tom Williams, have just released their 8 track debut album “You Make Everything Disappear”, what a dark and diverse debut it is.

The opening track,’ I Hope I Don’t Wake Up’, instantly sets the tone for the album ahead, inducing feelings of melancholy and longing. With lyrics such as “You took your clothes off then you looked at me and said When I lie alone I hope I don’t wake up again” within the first minute of the song, listeners become aware of the emotional journey they are about to experience through this album.

Tracks 2 and 3 –‘ Lowest Form’ and ‘Titiana (I miss you so much)’ – highlight perfectly vocalist Jesse Barnett’s vast vocal array, ranging from emotive screams to light and beautiful melodies, encapsulating the diversity and maturity of the album as a whole. Track 2 in particular demonstrates clearly the influence that the Deftones have had on Trade Wind, with the track utilising dissonant guitars and heavily distorted screams that sound miles away. 


Throughout the album, Trade Winds flawlessly swing from distorted guitars, heavy percussion and feelings of desperation to calming piano riffs, softly brushed drums and emotions of acceptance, bringing listeners on the emotional journey undertaken by Barnett in the last 15 months. This can be seen clearly when contrasting the first song and the last, ‘Je T’aimerais Toujours,’ a song written entirely in French. Where I Hope I Don’t Wake Up has distorted electric guitars driving the song, ‘Je T’aimerais Touiours ‘is the opposite, with a beautiful clean electric sound behind poetic lyrics and a title that translates to “I will always love you” a stark divergence from the darkness of “I hope you hate me, after everything I hope you hate me”.

Personally, ‘Radio Songs’, track 4, stands out not only lyrically but rhythmically. With the song beginning with a catchy drum beat and soft guitar evoking sombre feelings, further reinforced with lyrics like “I just hate that I’m awake because these voices in my head are starting to break all of me, so I keep moving on, nowhere to go, nowhere to be”. Altogether, the soft guitar work and the bright piano creates almost a feeling of clarity, which is then built up to a sudden and dramatic climax, making it one of the most memorable songs of this album.

Although it may be a side project of two musicians from very aggressive bands, Trade Winds shares little of the punk-driven influences of Stray from the Path and Stick to your Gunns, instead “You Make Everything Disappear” adds a softer yet darker dimension to the post-hardcore scene.



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