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Jen reviews The Carnabys album ‘Too Much, Never Enough’.


Without the chance of playing live music and gain a growing fan base bands like The Carnaby’s would not exist. They are aware of this and are donating all of their presales of ‘Too Much, Never Enough’ and launch the “Save Live Music’ initative.  This album is due out on August 19th. The Carnaby’s have big plans for their future, they are living in the minute but “We are still going to be headlining festivals in 40 years,” promises Jack…….I am not going to argue with that!

Kicking off their album ‘Too Much, Never Enough’ is ‘Great Dane in the Graveyard’. A great choice for their opening track with its instant energy grabbing my attention. I would be interested to hear the story behind the misadventure of Jack’s friend that was the basis for this song. ‘Frayed Feather’ starts off with a catchy guitar hook, and it’s meaning is totally relatable. Pitched at musicians that have been around for a long time and still are doing what they love even though are “Old”. ‘Down He Goes’ has the best chorus as it is almost like a punch each time it is sung. Certainly its meaning is clear. Most people have a friend that is fight prone.

‘Elizabeth’ has it’s press release as they have just released a music video for it that adds depth and meaning to an already insightful song.

“Elizabeth is an energetically riff-infused track that represents the brilliance of pure British rock that’s been filling the airwaves since the late 60’s. Lead vocalist Jack Mercer’s relatable and infectious lyrics are impressively sung using deep and effortless The Wombats-esque vocals. The early Arctic Monkeys’ influences behind the single can be heard in terms of a more sonically retro sounding raw “get up and play” production whilst the big and catchy The Fratellis-like choruses sonically turn Elizabeth into a deep indie twilight entrance, worthy of every indie rocker’s attention.” Press Release



Track 5 Simple Insubordinate, a song about looking after a friend that needs some help and that support is offered. ‘Scars and Safety Pins’ is the standout track, written about self-harm and refusing help. There is something hypnotic about the lyrics, ‘Leave us well alone’ that makes the song stick in my head well after listening to it. ‘Caught In The Rain’, a song that I think is written about depression, is a song that I can connect with.  I feel that Track 8 ‘Made the Grade’ is for me a perfect track to have after ‘Caught in the Rain’ There are some expectations that we cannot live up to, even if we wanted to. This leads to the gray feeling from ‘Caught in the Rain’ being explored more. Are we feeling depressed because of others expectations? Food for thought from these two songs.

 ‘Peaches and Bleach’ a tale about someone working on something of importance and someone coming along and totally but not meaning to fucking it up. Many scenarios come to mind when I look back over my life of this happening. ‘Crocodile’ is delivered with such punch and you can hear the frustration and emotion in Jack’s voice. Similar to ‘Swing Low Sweet 16’. To complete the album the song ‘Crooked Smile’ seems to me to be the song that wraps up all the emotions brought up by listening to this album. A powerful completion.

One thing that stands of for me with Jack’s singing is that you can hear his accent. I love that. Reminds me of my youth in The House Martins days when English bands were the craze over here. I was not expecting this, however listening to ‘Too Much, Never Enough‘ took me on an emotional journey. Now after many times, I am singing along and thinking how great it would be to see The Carnaby’s live. Maybe a trip Down Under soon guys?

4 stars

Review by Jen Rees

To support The Carnabys fundraising push pre-order their new album here:



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