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After 13 years in the wilderness, Australia’s biggest Nu-Metal exponents SUPERHEIST are back bigger than ever, with new vocalist Ezekiel Ox, a new song called HANDS UP HIGH and a bold, in-your-face, don’t give a damn filmclip.

New song HANDS UP HIGH premiered Tuesday at lunchtime on triple j and then again on The Racket featuring Ox (Full Scale, Mammal) and the nu-metal as hell clip for the track dropped yesterday on Tone Deaf. 

Their first album in 13 years, GHOSTS OF THE SOCIAL DEAD will be released on Friday October 28th with Jay Baumgardner producing (Evanescence, Bush, Papa Roach) and a National Tour in November has been announced.

Tickets are now on sale for the tour at



Rumours had been rife about the imminent return of the once mighty Superheist. First whispers had the band reforming for a reunion tour followed by intrigue of who is still in the band and who isn’t…

For the last 18 months guitarist and founder dw Norton has been writing what has/will become “GHOSTS OF THE SOCIAL DEAD”, the band’s 4th studio album and the 1st in over a decade.

Full production of the album begins mid August in Los Angeles at the famous NRG Studios with legendary producer Jay Baumgardner at the helm.

In the late 90’s and early 2000’s Superheist were a powerhouse live band who hit the charts with successful albums The Prize Recruit and Identical Remote Controlled Reactions. A regular on the festival circuit with a large loyal fan base, the band shocked fans in 2003 announcing they were splitting up – problems with certain members, infighting and the loss of their management company took it’s toll on the 5 piece.

The band insists this is not a reunion – the band are preferring to call it a new beginning and the tour is entitled the “Don’t Call this a Comeback” Australian Tour.

“Ghosts of the Social Dead” will be available in stores and online on Friday October 28th. Tickets for the “Don’t Call it a Comeback” Australian Tour are on sale at now.


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