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Leeann’s review of Pierce the Veil Adelaide Gig.

A lone figure walks across the darken stage.

Stopping, he reaches out and slowly opens the lid of the guitar case waiting there.

Light floods from the case, momentarily blinding those in the crowd as the sound of trumpets fill the air.

This is what we had all been waiting for!  After long 3 years, and headline their first ever Australian tour with Canadian post-hardcore band Silversein, metalcore band Beartooth and homegrown boys Storm The Sky. Pierce the Veil had arrived!DSC00349

Dive In from their new album Misadventures ensured the adrenaline had well and truly kicked in before the guys took us back to their roots with Caraphernelia, then hitting us again with one of my favourite tracks off the new album, Texas is forever.

Divine Zero and Bulletproof love unleashed a full assault on the senses.  Throbbing drums shook the floors, the energetic rips made us jump, streamers rained from the ceiling, the crowd sang as one, confetti danced thru the air. I was in total awe, before the guys dropped it down a notch with Floral and Fading.

An acoustic version of Kissing in Cars left many in the crowd in tears, especially after hearing Vic tell the back story to the song.  But this was the only reprieve we were going to have of the night, it was time to start building up again for the crescendo.

Hell Above had the circle pit picking up speed as the band unleashed Bulls in the Bronx on us.

To finally see this song played live was a huge highlight for me, the sudden drop from something so fast to a more classical Spanish sounds has always left me with goose bumps. To see them play this live, and maintain the sound on electric guitars, WOW!

I was needing the slower tempo of Stained Glass And Colorful Tears to recover from Bulls, and to mentally prepare myself for the knowledge the show was drawing to an end. I should also confess that as the band started the lead into Hold on to May I had tears in my eyes and was belting out the lyrics along with the rest of the crowd.

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Knowing the events that led to the writing of the song Circles, it still amazes me how songs can be translated into everyday life situations and was in my opinion a powerful way to start bringing the night to a close, but there was still one song to go.

I know there were some in the crowd who were disappointed that Australia missed out on the Sleeping with Sirens/Pierce The Veil world tour last year. But I when Vic started singing King For A Day, that was all forgotten. Pierce The Veil were here, and they were rocking it!

A fantastic blend of both old and new tunes (although there were so many songs I wish they had have included, but would have seen the set stretch out to 2-3 hours, which I didn’t have a problem with at all I must say), the sheer energy given off by the guys couldn’t keep those in the crowd standing still for long.

I think that all that’s left to say about the night is, PLEASE DON’T WAIT ANOTHER 3 YEARS TO RETURN TO OUR SHORES.


written by Leeann Rothwell

Images by Leeann Rothwell

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