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Jen chats to Bombs Away in the lead up to Mystery Mark Festival.

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We are pretty excited about you headlining the new Mystery Mark Festival, how are you feeling about the opportunity of being in the inaugural festival?

Absolutely stoked on this one! It’s great to be back in Australia and playing an event like this is brilliant!

Have you worked with any of the other artists at this festival? I saw that you had with Uberjakd.

Yeah the lineup is super awesome with some crew we really love working with, its going to be a wild day haha

If so are there any funny stories you can share?

Haha probably not ones we can publish in public

Seeing you are quoted as “party-boys and all-round bad-role-models” can you tell us a funny story that happened either here or overseas on tour? Or more than one if you like.For example why are known as the all-round bad-role models.

There was a period when we were touring a lot with Kronic and things got out of hand quite often, I think there was a couple of months in a row when we were filming music videos in hotels and spending the rest of the time paying off hotel damage fees lol

 You have just released you EP Ghetto Blaster in Australia, how has the feedback been?

Totally Brilliant! We’re amazed at how well it went so quickly! We have a new one which just Debuted on MTV called Sneak Out so we cant wait to play that one live at MM!

You have some amusing videos on facebook, I really liked you live chat, it is great that you interact with your fans. What was the strangest question that you had to answer that day?

The TalkOver series was an idea we had because sometimes it feels like there is no real way to be in touch with artists you like so we always want to break that boundary, plus its great fun haha, I think the question we get the most is How did you guys meet, we’re brothers haha so we met when our mum brought a new baby home lol

You are one of the few acts that have held 5 concurrent number singles (ARIA, iTunes, Beatport, Djdownload, and DjTunes charts, and With two consecutive #1 singles in the ARIA charts, & voted #1 Artist in Australia and #32 Worldwide on THEDJLIST(.com) in 2012, and took out #1 WA and #8 Nationally for the 2012 INTHEMIX awards & Their youtube channel rocking the Top 100 Of all time most subscribed/watched Australian musicians on YouTube)

This is insane! Did you each time you received that news sit back and think we won’t ever top this? What was going through your head when you received the news?

Literally every time something like that happens, especially the platinum records, or going #1 on spotify in the states last month, we think, thats it, thats the pinnacle, we’re just super lucky to be able to be doing this!

Who is the coolest person that you have remixed and collaborated with? The list is very long? Can you share a story about this?

We actually spent a few days in the studio with the guys from The Potbelleez writing some songs we haven’t released yet, it was just such a fun period and so great to be able to be in there  working together, Luciana was awesome too!

You have your own record label, is this something that you started as you had too much time on your hands? Haha. No seriously do you record other artists? If so who?

We started Bomb Squad records as a way to really reach out and help some of the amazing artists we had heard who hadn’t yet been signed or who might not have quite found their direction yet, and we’ve been lucky enough for it to have grown and become quite successful in its own right, but nothing beats the feeling of helping someone achieve their dreams!


Thanks for your time, if there is anything else you would like to add?

Just that we’re stoked to be part of the MM event and we’ll be debuting a couple of brand new tracks at the event 🙂

It is going to be a great festival! 









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