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Jen chats to Scott from Cheap Fakes about their new record.

Cheap Fakes just can’t seem to sit still. After completing album number 3, Modern Vintage, in 2015, the dapper six-headed hydra of brass-fuelled funk, soul, and ska haven’t hesitated to jump back in the studio to bring you the new single “Deep Space”, as well as an east-coast encompassing single launch tour…as well as some diversions to Japan and New Zealand along the way.

“Deep Space” is a song that struts – a track from a confident band after gaining renown for raucous live performances at Woodford Folk Festival, Big Pineapple Festival, Island Vibe, Caloundra Music Festival and Golden Days as well as national support jaunts with Melbourne Ska Orchestra and Cody ChestnuTT. Swirling and strident, “Deep Space” rings true with a slightly deeper vibe than perhaps initially expected; while the bands’ own inspirations still bubble forth, “Deep Space” doesn’t devolve into showboating, relying on an expert groove and simmering sustain to keep your ears hooked.

“Deep Space” is released alongside the commencement of an east coast Australian tour, with Cheap Fakes collecting more notches on their already much scored belt. Not content with thrilling audiences in their home country, Cheap Fakes are also heading out for their second New Zealand tour after their much celebrated 2015 debut tour of the country.

Hey, now your single ‘Deep Space’ is out how has your fans response been? You have played it now at one live show.

Well actually the first time we played it was it Japan and they loved it! Haha. In Brisbane someone told us they didn’t know their feet could dance like that so I guess that’s always a good response!

I love it, I have always been a fan of ska, Reel Big Fish and Less than Jake are up there in my top 10 bands. I like how your press release says it is a song that struts, I could not have put it better myself. It does sound like you have done some experimenting with the song in regards to its sound, was this something you had been planning to do for a while?

I think we’re not afraid to experiment with some new sounds on this new record. We want to keep that fun energy that people have come to love from Cheap Fakes and take it to some new places – and taking the audience along with us too!

Deep Space is about the struggles that we have in life and the highs and lows. Was this written about a particular event or was it a combination of many things?

Don’t ask me I just play guitar… haha. Well my interpretation is its about pulling the eject chord from the pace of life sometimes, take some time to chill. But not for too long, then straight back into it with even more energy than before!


How does your writing process go? Is it an individual approach with the lyrics and the band helps with the music?

We write in lots of different ways, sometimes Hayden (vocals) will bring some lyrics and the band will write some music, sometimes Josh and Scotty on horns will write a complete tune, and sometimes we’ll all get in a room with the tape rolling and see what happens!

I noticed that you have played loads of festivals lately, do you have a preference for Festivals or your own tours or are they both just so different you love both the same?

Everybody loves a good festival! It’s a great to way to get to new audiences and get out there and see some new music yourself! There’s always a huge energy at festivals, the feeling of people ejecting from their normal lives for the day/weekend! haha

I found out on your facebook page that Hayden is not just a talented singer but is an amazing artist! Does he do all your artwork for you?

He sure is! Yep he’s also our resident artist, photographer and film-maker.  The awesome cover of the ‘Modern Vintage’ record isn’t just a stock photo off the net but Hayden actually assembled all those items in a sacred geometric pattern to be most pleasing to the eye… well something like that


How was your recent trip to Japan? Seems that you got loads of love over there!

Japan was epic! We had so much fun playing the shows but most importantly we made some really good friends and can’t wait to do it again. It was intense – 9 shows in 9 days while trying to find your way around a foreign country using public transport with a whole bunch of instruments! One unnamed member woke up on a train by himself on the other side of town and has now idea how he got there! (too much karaoke) But the love from the audiences made it all worthwhile – lots of people returning for a few of the shows, even if they had to catch a train for a few hours to get there!  And loved seeing other Japanese bands too – awesome musicians.


You posted about the Live art at Pacific Roots Festival there, did Hayden get to do some art work there? Or was it locals only?

No unfortunately he didn’t jump in there but I’m sure he could have! The live art demonstration was epic. Their resident artist ‘Dragon76’ is definitely worth checking out.

As well as your upcoming East coast tour you are on the line up for Jungle Love Festival. Have you worked with any of the artists before? It is a great line up. I have interviewed a few of the bands.

Its an awesome line-up! Yes can’t wait to see Tijuana Cartel, Sahara Beck, Captain Dreamboat and OKA! Lots of friends on the line-up but also lots of bands we haven’t played with before which is great too. The amazingly talented Carey from Tijuana Cartel actually made our film clip for ‘Baby It’s a Good Song’ with Freddy at Smokehouse Productions.

Lastly any news that you can share with what is happening next for you?

Well the rest of this tour takes us to Cairns, Sydney, Melbourne and NZ which we’re very excited about. After that we’ll be back into the studio to get experimental, enjoy the process of making music with friends and we can’t wait to share it with people!

I wish you well on the rest of the tour and that the crowds love ‘Deep Space’ as much as I do.



Friday August 19th – Woolly Mammoth, Brisbane QLD

Friday August 26th – Miami Marketta, Gold Coast QLD

Saturday August 27th – Solbar, Sunshine Coast QLD

Saturday September 3rd / 4th – Salthouse, Cairns QLD

Friday September 9th – Spotted Cow, Toowoomba QLD

Friday September 23rd – Beach Hotel, Byron Bay NSW

Saturday September 24th – Wollombi Music Fest, Wollombi NSW

Sunday September 25th – Newtown Social Club, Sydney NSW

Saturday October 1st – Caloundra Music Festival, Caloundra QLD

Sunday October 2nd – Newstead Roots Festival, Brisbane QLD

Thursday October 20th – Nelson Arts Festival, Nelson NZ

Friday October 21st – TBC, Wellington NZ

Saturday October 22nd – Swagger Festival, Wandiligong VIC

Sunday October 23rd – Northcote Social Club, Melbourne VIC


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