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Check out Osaka’s new single ‘Weights’!

Osaka have released their second single off their debut EP ‘Manoeuvres’. The lyrics are totally relatable and even though it is a song about loss and missing someone, the song is upbeat and catchy. Watch this space for future releases from Osaka.”   Music Injection Australia


Melbourne’s Osaka snared the attention of industry tastemakers with ‘Vessel’ – now they’re back with an equally enrapturing track: their single ‘Weights’ just released.
‘Weights’ is comfortingly familiar; it also has no shortage of unexpected sonic surprises to delight the senses. The very definition of charming, its hallmarks are its chirpy guitars, Britpop-esque vocals and oscillating synths. The reality of the song, however, couldn’t be further from its aural promises, as frontman Edvard Hakansson asserts: “It talks about carrying someone or something’s weight… And what would happen if you just allowed the weight to crush you? Or if you gave up on why you carried it.”
With live shows coming soon and the weight (sorry) of the Australian music scene steadily building behind them via positive reviews from Rolling Stone, Indietronica, FasterLouder and more, Osaka are poised to speed ahead at full throttle.
Stay tuned for an interview with Osaka real soon!

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