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Jen catches up with Blue King Brown ahead of Wildwood Festival.

Hi, thanks for your time answering a few questions. We are looking forward to you playing at the WILDWOOD FESTIVAL in Port Macquarie how stoked are you to play this festival?

It’s been a long while since we played in Port Macquarie, we’ve always had great times and created some good memories there, so naturally we’re all really looking forward to returning with our full line up for the Wildwood live energy exchange experience!

You are from Australia, is there a certain place that you connect to the most in Australia and that can help your creativity?

It’s always a shifting energy, inspiration can come to me in any and all places, but I can say that I have chosen over time to live in a couple of Australian places because of their arts/music/creative communities and scenes, Byron Bay & Melbourne. I also find the center of the country very inspiring, rural Northern Territory, that is where our very first single ‘Water’ was inspired from.

It has been great researching you and your passion for Human Rights, particularly bringing awareness to the Free West Papua.

 Firstly with the oppression in West Papua, does it frustrate you that hardly anyone knows about it and that main street media never brings it to our attention?

You’ll find that the amount of people who know what’s happening in West Papua globally has grown considerably over the past 5 years and continues to grow at an accelerated rate.

With long and deep struggles for freedom in any place around the planet there comes a time where it becomes impossible to ignore or deflect from the common awareness, to this end we use music, art & our words to amplify the movement towards full freedom and bring about that point where our global family stand with our brothers and sisters in West Papua.

As far frustration goes, although it is there, I prefer to focus my energy creatively and positively in order to help craft and vision solutions to such hurdles as media’s lack of coverage and their will to cover the West Papuan struggle for Justice, Self Determination and Freedom. We take a path of not waiting for media to come on board, we are using all our networks online and off to amplify the causes that we support and stand with.

You have a great fundraising campaign collaborating  with #BeTheChangeCharities raising funds to support the ongoing work of Rize Of The Morning Star with the modest goal of $6,000 Can you give us the details for this, why it is important to raise the money and how far along you are to reach your goal?

 I recently performed at a festival near Minneapolis U.S.A called Project Earth, they are an amazing group of artists putting on this event to raise funds for charities and causes of the Artists choice. I collaborated with their Be The Change Charity Org to raise funds for Rize Of The Morning Star who work with community to give practical support to West Papuans and their movement, from concerts to equipment to workshops, the fundraising is going well but we are still calling out for support! please follow the links through my instagram page: nattalirize or here

I have been listening to your ‘Born Free’ album, I really like ‘One Sign’ especially the meaning of the lyrics and the guitar solo at the end. Is there one song that you long to play live and connects you to the crowd?

 I’m glad u like that song! it’s also one of my favs on the album, sweetest guitar solo and sounds from Katchafire’s Logan Bell.

There’s a few songs that resonate with our audiences live, but I guess I would have to say that ONE PEOPLE is a frequency that really connects with people across the globe from all backgrounds…and I love to perform it because it is a point of the set where we strip it back to just guitar and vocals and give the lyrics the full attention and spotlight to deliver the messages and intentions in the song.
You have 8 members of your band is this correct? Can you run us through what each person does? I am surprised you can all fit on stage!

Nattali Rize – vocals, guitar, percussion.

One Rebel – Bass

Salvador Persico – Percussion

Sam Cope – Keyboards

Cesar Rodrigues – Guitar

Jules Goyma – Drums

The Black Sistaz – Background vocals


After Wildwood Festival what is next for Blue King Brown?

 We will be performing at some select festivals over the summer,

also keep an eye out for some new music, keep in tune through

Blue King Brown social media pages or our website !

Thanks for your time, I hope you have a great time here and wish you all the best for your cause bringing awareness to the Free West Papua oppression.

 Thank you for giving me the opportunity to write about Papua, much respect and blessings. 




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