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Sweden’s rising star, Mavrick, releases debut EP Atlantis

Review by Beck Spry

After his 2015 breakthrough single ‘Remedy’, Mavrick returns with the release of his anticipated debut EP Atlantis. The first single released from this 6 track EP, The Weight, was an instant Spotify hit, combining tender and heartfelt vocals with powerfully minimalistic backing-music.

Let it Burn, the first track off the EP, stands out distinctly. From the first line, it is clear Mavrick is channelling his inner Hozier and James Blake, resulting in a gospel-like ambience as well as an air of confrontation. This atmosphere is due to the fact that the songs underlying message is in response to the devastating acts of the US State Police Department in recent months, easily demonstrating Mavrick’s desire to have ‘people feel something when they hear my music’.

The EP’s title track encapsulates the passionate and almost groovy nature of the whole EP. The song starts off with a lower timber tone, building slowly but surely to souring melodies, allowing his incredible vocal range to be displayed impressively, a feature weaved in throughout the whole EP.

Keep Calm, is the epitome of a classic motivational song, drumming the idea into listeners of ‘keep[ing] calm and hold your head up’. Featuring both bold lyrics and vocals, Mavrick creates a joyful and courageous atmosphere, leaving the audience feeling empowered.

EP available through Universal Music Sweden

Altogether, Mavrick’s Atlantis is a perfect listen for audiences who are a fan of soul with a pop-sensibility and love music that leaves a lasting impression.


Track listing – Mavrick – Atlantis

  1. Let it Burn
  2. The Weight
  3. Give Up
  4. Keep Calm
  5. Atlantis
  6. Hail to the Queen


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