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Jen chats to Rachel & Ellen from Edison’s Chair about their new EP ‘We Got History’

Edison’s Chair are a indie rock band from Austin Texas. They have just released their Sophomore EP called ‘We Got History’. The band are known for their high-energy performances, catchy songs, and smartly crafted harmonies. 

OK so usually I steer clear of the cliché first question but with you guys I am going to ask. How did you come up with the name Edison Chair?  

When the boys first formed the band, they just wanted something original and ridiculous. It was actually inspired by the Simpson’s episode where Homer idolizes Thomas Edison and accidentally steals his idea for a chair.


Love that story! You guys have been around for a while now, from 2007. Rachel and Ellen joined later to become the lead vocalists. What is it like have two lead vocalists?

Having two lead vocalists is powerful. We are constantly feeding off each other’s energy on stage and in practice. It’s unique that we have two female lead singers, so girl power is something we try to embody. 

It seems that you all can sing as I am hearing loads of harmonies as I listen to ‘We Got History’ Is that true or is there one person that does not sing? Jake?

We are a 6-piece band, 5 of us are mic’d and sing, and Jake plays the bass. Jake is a good singer, but chooses to keep his talents under wraps (for now…). 

I really like your pic on facebook where you are all spread out over the stage, have you ever played on a stage that is so tight that you all can’t fit? If so can you tell us how you got around it?

There is no place we can’t fit with a little hard work. We’ve played giant stages where we can barely hear each other, and we’ve played on such small stages that it’s hard to play your instrument correctly. One of our favorite tight spots is called Outta Bounds in Corpus Christi, a dive-y bar that serves as a watering hole for the locals. 

You had your EP release for ‘ We Got History’ on Sept 20. Did you have a lot of local and family support?

YES! It was overwhelming how much support and love we received from our friends and family. Our families attend almost every show we play; They are most definitely our biggest fans! 

How did your filming go of the 80’s themed music video in East Austin? Please share some stories and send some pics please! Sounds like a great theme, I do hope you had fun shooting.

The music video shoot was amazing! Big thank you to Sam, Lee, EJ and Matt for making it a memorable weekend. The shoots were long; We started at 4:00am both Saturday and Sunday and shot until 2pm. One of the best moments was when Martin put on his dads old rock uniform (closely resembling that of a genie) and played his solo complete with extreme facial expressions. There was more teased hair, high waisted jeans, and green eyeshadow than any of us were prepared for. It’s going to be a great video! Stay tuned.

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After listening to your EP a few times I think that my fav song is ‘The Holdout’ can you explain the inspiration behind this song for me?

Like most of our songs, this one stems from personal experience of certain band members. At the core, this song is, once again, about girl power. And about the power everyone has to ‘holdout’ in any aspect they choose. 

How does your normal writing process go? Is it a whole band approach or an individual?

Primarily they are composed and written by the founding members Wes Armstrong and Martin Aker. The two of them are an unstoppable force of musical genius. Sometimes they bring the group a song they have started, and all of us collaborate together until we finish the product. 


I love the album cover. Who came up with that gem of a concept?

Our favorite and brilliant Austin graphic artist Adriane Joseph is the mastermind behind all our marketing materials for the past 3 years. We give her a barebones description and let her imagination run wild!



Last thought. I really like your post on facebook about a band that drinks Margs together stays together. I really like that! I would love to drink a marg with you one day!

WE LOVE MARGS, its one of the many things our band likes to do together and of course, you’re always invited!


I wish you all the best for your future.

Interview by Jen Rees








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