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Waax’s new single ‘Same Same’ is a Must Listen to TODAY song!

‘Same Same’ is the second single from WAAX’s EP that is due out next year. This song makes the wait almost unbearable to hear the rest of the EP. Catchy guitar riffs and Maz’s unique voice all adds to the song’s potential as a hit. The meaning? Wow, it sums up how we all seems to be walking the same path and expect different results.” I swear I am a good kid trapped in the modern age, I pace, backtrack until I walk the same path” that can take us to the edge of insanity and  highlights what many of us don’t actually see what we are doing. Why are we doing the same thing and expecting different results? Music Injection Australia


With praise for their previous single ‘This Everything‘ still rolling in, vibe-punks WAAX showcase their mellifluous side on ‘Same Same‘, which had its worldwide premiere on triple j last night.

 Opening with a fanfare of caustic guitars, ‘Same Same’ heralds an expanded melodic, more danceable approach – while retaining the acerbic attitude and vicious hardihood that WAAX have made their trademarks. Thematically, it’s a natural successor to ‘This Everything’, set in a self-critical mindset struggling with destructive habits that don’t seem to yield. If the adage is that “insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results”, frontwoman Marie DeVita finds herself trapped in a pattern where “I pace, I backtrack, until I walk the same path“. 

“Whilst ‘This Everything’ explores an apathetic overwhelming feeling, ‘Same Same’ is the moment where I start to analyse what I’m going through – I start to understand why I was experiencing these overwhelming feelings of sadness and confusion and the idea of insanity creeps in.”

‘Same Same’ was serviced early on a whim – a fateful move that secured the song its global exclusive first play on triple j’s Home and Hosed last night. This instant support seems a fitting way to round out what has been a landmark year for WAAX. With their lineup finally solidifed after a tumultuous beginning, a critically acclaimed headline tour and notable supports such as Kim Gordon (Sonic Youth), L7 (US) and Ecca Vandal now under their belts, momentum is building ever faster in the leadup to WAAX’s second EP.



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