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Leah from Evol Walks tells Jen about their new Cover of ‘Let Me Love You’.

With a healthy chunk of attitude, a dynamite lead singer, and a predilection for time-honoured rock ‘n’ roll, Evol Walks has rapidly emerged as a heavyweight contender.

It’s just two short years since singer and songwriter Leah Martin-Brown formed the hard-rock five-piece in her homeland, Australia. Now based in L.A., Evol Walks has bagged an EP, earned plaudits from artists and fans around the world, and played across three Continents. And there’s much more to come.

The rockers — a tight machine comprising Martin-Brown, drummer Jimmy Lee, lead guitarist CJ Tywoniak, rhythm guitarist Dre DiMura and bass player Ian Ross — are coming off a whirlwind 24-month stretch in which time they thrilled huge crowds back home and on both sides of the Atlantic.

Evol Walks’ hard edge takes its inspiration from the giants of heavy music, from AC/DC to Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Joan Jett, Stone Sour and Monster Magnet, and gives it a modern tweak. Evol Walks have recorded their own take on the popular Justin Beiber track, ‘Let Me Love You’.

Hi Leah. Last time we spoke it was earlier this year and we were discussing how busy 2015 was for you and how you were looking forward for the rest of 2016. Can you tell us the touring highlights that you have done this year?

2015 was a big year for us tour-wise so for 2016 we settled down a little bit and have been focusing on creating a presence in our current local scene- Los Angeles. We have been solidly playing the clubs here while also focusing on writing new material for our new EP.

I thought that Justin Beiber’s song ‘Let Me Love You’ was an interesting choice of song to cover was it because it is just so different from your usual sound?

When picking this cover we wanted to do something unexpected that would showcase the musicianship of the band as well as our diversity when it comes to genre. This track is everywhere at the moment so we thought it would be the perfect choice for us and might also help open us up to fans that otherwise might not pay us much attention.

You say it was a challenge for your vocally, I think that challenge was completed! I liked your take on the vocals.

Thank you so much!

I like your rocked up version of this song. The music video is loads of fun too, did you guys come up with the concept yourself?

I worked very closely with our video director Giselle Dias to come up with something fresh that we hadn’t done before. We had a few different ideas but then she floated the idea of a desert road trip and getting kicked out of a car and I went for it! She was great to work with J

Any funny stories that you can share from the making of the video? Looks like you were having loads of fun making it.

The main actor, Hunter Bolton, has been a close friend of mine for years so it was really funny to argue with him onscreen… we have been known to have a few friendly disagreements in the past. I think the funniest thing was what we are actually saying to each other when you see us screaming at each other in the car. We’re talking about different types of peanut butter- I like crunchy and he likes smooth and we are both disgusted by the other person’s preference. I think he might have called me a fire haired trollop at one point also… It was hard not to laugh.

I was looking through your facebook page and came across a brilliant review

“Evol Walks sounds something like the dirty love child of a cocaine-induced group sex party between AC/DC, Ozzie Osbourne and Iron Maiden. The played brilliantly, salvaging an otherwise milder night of musical exploration and I would like to take this time to personally thank them for it… Thank you, Evol Walks”

We discussed this last time, about Evol Walks having rave reviews, pretty sure this one about a live show takes the cake! Some pretty high profile names there to be the love child of! Are these reviews good to look back on when you go through sometimes where you need some inspiration?

I always am so humbled by our reviews, it gives me warm fuzzies to see that people are enjoying what we do (especially live) so much. We are in a writing phase at the moment so it is great to read through some of these reviews to centre ourselves and get us back on track if we’re having a bit of writers’ block.

Love the idea of you doing book reviews every few weeks! I find that I don’t read a lot due to lack of time, or I read and fall asleep and forget what I have read, how on earth do you find the time?

I’ve always been an avid reader and it was just always something I found time for in my schedule. I always have a book in my handbag and I always take 2-3 with me any time I travel. If its already part of your schedule I think you just find ways to work it in.

What is the next book to review?

I’m currently tossing up between ‘Rant’ or ‘Beautiful You’ by Chuck Palahnuik or the ‘Miss Peregrine’s Peculiar Children’ trilogy. I think it will depend the mood I am in!

Can you tell us about your experience with Lucky Strike Live? Sounds fun!

Lucky Strike Live is a really cool bowling alley/premiere music venue in Hollywood. Every Wednesday evening it hosts ‘Soundcheck Live’, a big jam night for musicians from every genre and provides people an opportunity to play amazing songs with some incredible players.

I was lucky enough to be given the chance to play there earlier in the year by the music director Steve Ferlazzo and have been coming back ever since! Its so wonderful as I’ve been given the opportunity to share the stage with players from some of the most successful musical acts on the planet in a relatively no pressure environment where everyone is just having a great time and jamming out!

I think the coolest thing about LS is that the tracks you’re performing are given to you 2-3 days before you perform, you learn them in your own time and then the first play through you get with your band is when you’re onstage in front of the audience!

 Thanks Leah,

I am sure that we will chat again soon!







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