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BASSHUNTER Australian Tour Starts Next Week!


Eurodance legend, Basshunter (Jonas Erik Altberg) is finally coming to Australia for the first time in his decade long career. Altberg is responsible for monster club hits ‘’Now You’re Gone’’, ‘’All I Ever Wanted’’, ‘’Saturday’’, ‘’Angel In The Night’’, ‘’DotA’’ and many more!

BASSHUNTER is still a massive name on the scene of a quickly evolving electronic spectrum, it is safe to say that he has not lost his passion or his talent. Lighting up the stage and the dancefloor, he truly exudes what is most important in this industry: the love of the music and the love for the fans.

Metropolis Touring is proud to announce that the fastest selling artist in Sweden since ABBA, and with over 700 Million YouTube views BASSHUNTER is finally bringing his trademark Eurodance sound to Australia! Supported by a seriously epic line-up of international dance superstars this will be one of the biggest events of the year.

BASSHUNTER has left crowds dripping with sweat around the world, but this will be the first time Aussie audiences get to experience BASSHUNTER’s infectious blend of Europop.

BASSHUNTER is Europe’s most in-demand dance artist. His music is the sound of huge European summer dance halls – a wild, energetic ride fuelled by driving beats, strong hooks and unforgettable choruses. Through his sets, BASSHUNTER becomes one with the crowd and knows just how to whip the dance floor into a frenetic zone of ecstatic fun.

His pulsing tracks become the bedrock for an all encompassing concert experience that is about more than just music, It’s about feeling the deep bass lines and rhythm through your whole body and dancing from the first beat to the last. It’s about letting go and singing along to those earworm choruses without any inhibitions. BASSHUNTER is the true voice of the ‘Bass Generation’.

Spotify playlist link:

 BASSHUNTER performs live in concert all his hands-in-the-air anthems including ‘Now You’re Gone’, ‘Saturday’, ‘I Promised Myself’, ‘All I Ever Wanted’, ‘Every Morning’ plus more.

If witnessing one legend of electronic dance wasn’t enough check out the supports…

The Queen of Electro, the UK’s Luciana performs her infectious club anthems and smash hits – ‘I Like That’, ‘Yeah Yeah’ and ‘I’m Still Hot’.

German trance group Groove Coverage deliver a high energy, high impact live performance including their Australian #36 hit ‘Moonlight Shadow’ plus ‘Poison’, ‘7 Years and 50 Days’ and ‘God Is A Girl’.

Belgian’s Ian Van Dahl deliver their dance/trance classics ‘Castles in the Sky’, ‘Will I?’ and ‘Reason’.

UK’s Club Legends Flip & Fill with vocalist Karen Parry perform their floorfillas ‘Shooting Star’ and ‘True Love Never Dies’

Belgium’s Lasgo bring their high-energy, uplifting, trance tunes including their #14 Australian hit ‘Something’ and ‘Pray’

The UK’s Guru Project update on the huge club classic ‘Infinity 2008’ including live sax will undoubtedly be a highlight

Germany’s electronic mastermind Boogie Pimps performs a DJ Set including his Australian #9 hit that tore up dancefloors ‘Somebody to Love’ and his #26 chart hit ‘Sunny’.

Australia’s first chance to experience one of the biggest dance artists in the world BASSHUNTER! Get in quick or you will be disappointed!



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