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Port Macquarie launches new independent record label Red Earth Records. Local artists Roy Rose and Benje Travis are the first two artists on the roster.

New label Red Earth Records gets prepared to launch in Port Macquarie at the Latin Loafer on Thurday December 1st from 7 pm.

Two singles to be launched on the night – Apollo Bay, Roy Rose + Another Day, Benje Travis.

Port Macquarie has it’s own record label, and it’s called Red Earth Records. 

Red Earth Records is the brainchild of Lisa Willows and Simon Leigh, two local musical residents of the Port Macquarie collective, who will launch the new acoustic label on Thursday December 1st, along with debut singles by the first two signings to Red Earth Records, local acts Roy Rose and Benje Travis.

According to the label, it seeks to represent the aesthetics and atmosphere of the solo artist and acoustic guitar-playing culture that has long been an integral part of Port Macquarie music. Offering artists a creative harbour to craft acoustic music that speaks to the heart and soul, the label intends to provide the freedom and resources that artists need to create and share the fruits of their creative labours.

“The process for building the label’s infrastructure, was “very organic” says Lisa Willows. “We really like working with our friends and doing things ourselves, so an independent label seemed like a good platform in which to help everyone out, while having fun ourselves.”

“Our first two signings Roy Rose and Benje Travis, are incredible local musicians who are ready to take that launch into recording, getting their music onto radio and start touring outside this area” says Simon Leigh. “We want to help them out in the next stage of their careers”.

To celebrate the launch of Red Earth Records, both artists are performing at the Latin Loafer on Thursday December 1st from 7pm. Members of the public are encouraged to come and support these local artists.


Bringing his own brand of Blues and Folk music to the table, Roy Rose is a singer songwriter from the Mid North Coast of NSW.

2013 saw a re-entry into the musical world following an 8 year hiatus and one failed attempt at a so called ‘normal life’. Unable to fight against his longing to get back on stage and play live music, Roy Rose was reborn and more determined than ever to follow his musical heart.

Since then Roy has played alongside The Beards, The Mason Rack Band, Tex Perkins and Charlie Owen from The Cruel Sea, Taylor Henderson, Jeff Martin from The Tea Party, Kay Temperley (Eskimo Joe), Ben Gumbleton, Sleepmakeswaves, Montaigne and Blue King Brown.

Not a stranger to music festivals, Roy Rose has an impressive number under his belt including Wildwood Music Festival, Meatstock, Newcastle Blues and Roots, Blues BBQ and Sound on Sunset.

Currently finalising his debut release, Roy delivers his trademark sound via a mix of acoustic and electric elements, harmonica, percussive stomps and a vocal style that draws inspiration from Blues and Roots legends from yesteryear.


Emerging contemporary indie folk singer-songwriter and guitarist Benje Travis is entrancing audiences with his incredible voice and compelling tapestries of acoustic compositions. You could say a pure folk troubadour whose intimate performances fill rooms with sounds of musical poetry.

Benje’s song writing is raw and emotional, captivating, often dark and sometimes funny and accompanied by breezy sounds which serve to lighten melancholic moods and poignant lyrics.

His one man show is beguiling and brilliant to hear and watch, as Benje uses his musicianship as a vehicle to talk to people about his acoustic “Love Earth Gang” movement.

Born in Surry Hills, Benje started playing guitar at a very young age and started writing his own songs at eleven. Raised by a music loving mother who exposed him to singer-songwriter artists from the sixties and seventies at an early age, he was subsequently strongly influenced by Bob Marley and the reggae movement.

Playing guitar and stomp box, Benje Travis captures audience emotions and breaks away from the structural norms of live performance. Sometimes one song will turn into two or two songs into one. I like to feel my way through rather than have a ridged plan. So sometimes I’ll play guitar and then swap to keyboards, depends where the mood is.” With an impressive number of shows now under his belt, the years highlights have been the Wildwood Music Festival and Port Macquarie’s Tastings on the Hastings, seeing him play to over 2000 people and alongside artists such as Montaigne and Blue King Brown.

His latest outpouring of creativity has resulted in a debut EP to be released early in 2017.

“I’ve been recording solidly for the past few weeks and I’m focused on intense sounds, emotions and melodies. I’m also working on a comic book which I hope will accompany the release”

Benje Travis has the wariness of a social and spiritual outsider who broods his way to graceful defiance. His songs will attach themselves to your heart strings.

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