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Jen has a laugh with JJ from’We May Fall’ ahead of their Single release ‘Again’ at The Bald Face Stag Saturday 10th of Dec.

With their new single ‘Again’ setting fire to headphones and speakers far and wide, Sydney post-hardcore warriors We May Fall have brought the track to life with an official music video. See below.

We May Fall’s solid delivery of contemporary metalcore – which also echoes some of the genre’s more “old-school” bands – is wound very tightKill Your Stereo


Directed by Evan Djirlic and shot by Chris Elder, the visual stimulant was thought-up by Djirlic and vocalist J.J Brady as they worked to capture the essence of the track visually; an essence that revolves around “The conversation, the call and response, with yourself, with someone else…” “The interpretation is somewhat left open to the viewer, especially with the white hands. Are they hands of madness, love…villainy? We wanted people to be able to take their idea of what they think the song is and be able to connect that with the video.” – J.J Brady Bursting straight out of the gates, ‘Again’ is a thoughtful dissection of the human condition delivered in a booming vessel of bone-shaking breakdowns and intricate recapitulations. We May Fall released their debut album You Wear Those Scars Well in 2015, translating the album in to a live performance that leaves even the sternest of Post-Hardcore fans headbanging. Recently, the band announced a sponsorship with forward-thinking, tattoo-inspired apparel company Hourless, further strengthening the WMF family. We May Fall ‘Again’ Single Launch Tickets available now Saturday, 10th December The Bald Faced Stag, Sydney Tickets: Moshtix

Hi, thanks for your time JJ, shame this is not in person but as I live in the superior town of Melbourne it is a bit hard. (haha feeling the Syd/Mel rivalry from here!) JJ is also my nick name so SNAP!

You have your single release this Saturday the 10th at The Bald Face Stag. What a very unusual name for a place to have your gig! Is this a place you have played at before?

HAHAHA Yeah it’s actually one of our favourite venues to play here in Sydney, there is a hell of a lot of history attached to it, both musically and brewery related. We consider it our second home.

So I have been listening to ‘Again’ on repeat to prepare for this chat and I am sorry to tell you this but every time I play your song my black lab Max, gives me a glare and heads outside. How does it feel that you do not have a fan in my canine friend?

Well, a few years ago we had a review of some of our music and the reviewer said that I sounded like “…a seagull begging for a chip on the beach…” so maybe he’s afraid of beach and macca’s car-park dwelling avian pests. Either that or the inaudible, subliminal sounds we added into the track.

OK I shall explain that to him! He does love the beach  so it might be those pesky avian pests!

When I was listening to ‘Again’ on soundcloud, the next track that came on was John Legend, All of Me. It made me laugh as the genre’s are sooooo different. I lasted about 15 secs before I turned it off! Are there any genres of music that you refuse to listen to?

Ingleburt Humperdink. I think he is his own genre. Any clarinet based, easy listening just sounds creepy to me. Makes me shudder just thinking about it.

My son played the clarinet…. So I understand.

Is there a secret genre that you listen to but would be incredibly embarrassed if you were caught listening to?

Not really an entire genre , just the Riverdance soundtrack. Enough said.. Ugh!!

O…..M….G…..haha! I am embarrassed for you!

 I have often wondered this…. So thought I would ask. When I was a teenager and in my 20’s my parents would always be super negative to the music I listened to, like Blink, Sum, Green Day and Zebrahead, I am a real pop punk chic, as well as Justin Beiber (ha JOKING!) Anyway moving on, I was thinking if my parents hated my choice of music how do you parents feel about you actually being in a band and your genre would I assume not to their taste?

Definitely not. My family has actually never come to a show and I don’t think they’ve ever listened to any of our songs or records. I think it’s pretty tough for them to listen to really.

Damn that sucks. My parents don’t like me changing careers at my stage of life except when I interview a band they know, like my Dad with Kim Wilde…. wonder why….

Soz about the long winded question! Still got ‘All of Me’ in my head, driving me mad!

I feel your pain..

Anyway….. back to your song ‘Again’ the music video, the creepy hands add a dimension to the video, a simple concept but a powerful message, in all seriousness now can you discuss the meaning of ‘Again’. A friend of mine loves the song as she says when she listens to it she feels a release from the stress of her life.

Wow, I love that! Please tell your friend that that means a lot to us. As far as the meaning behind the song, I guess you’ll have to wait for the whole record to really understand it, and no its not a concept album, but the whole record is based in conversation, the ultimate duality and connection to identity, not what sub-culture one belongs to but true self.

Sorry I drifted off for a moment with all those big words. I will tell her I saw some pics on your facebook page while you were making the video, was there anything that went wrong or was it all perfect? Love hearing stories of when things don’t go as planned!

We did as much preparation for the shoot as possible, but there are always things that you can never foresee.. Like our guitarist T-Bones was doing one of his takes and he threw his guitar down thinking his strap would catch it, what he didn’t know was his strap had broken and the guitar took a nose dive straight to the ground. We have this footage in slow motion.. It’s amazing! I think we will be doing an out-takes reel from the video, so you’ll have to keep your eyes peeled for that.


Poor guitar! T-Bones should be more careful!

‘Again’ is a taste of what is to come, I am sure you are driving your fans crazy as they will be keen to hear what you have done. What are the plans for release of the album? Is there another single to be released first? Don’t feel pressure to share anything that will get you in trouble or do if you want to.

At this point we are looking at our options and really considering our next steps carefully. This record means a lot to us and we are super proud of it, so we definitely don’t want it to fall on deaf ears hahahaha

Pardon? Soz, worst type of humor there.


Your press release states that you have just come out of your recent studio hibernation, this gives me visions of bears coming out and shaking off snow. In our case, I assume that you were well feed and warm. Can you share what it was like recording your new music? Were there any funny stories? Any fights that you can look back and laugh at? Or is it too soon?

At the moment it’s all pretty much a blur. We were virtually living out of each others pockets, in a creative state of mind and trying to give each song the attention it deserves, fights are inevitable, as well as hurt feelings and absolutely hilarious moments based in delirium.. Still, I don’t think I could pin-point one particular story.. Except our drummer is now known as Milhouse

Milhouse….. Interesting!

Lastly on a more sombre note. I was in shock as was the Australian Music Industry when Justin Nichol passed away. I am pleased that you are involved in the JustinFest Show on Dec 23rd. This night will bring mixed emotions for you. How are you feeling about the show and can you share how you guys supported each other when you first heard the terrible news?

We were all shocked when we found out. I think in a way we all still are. But the entire community has banded together and, although it is truly sad and we miss him terribly, we have seen how much tighter we have all become. It’s what he wanted and this show is a testament to what he built and we will continue to build in the future.

It is amazing that you have done what he would have wanted. I hope that show goes really well. Will think of you all that night.

Thanks for the laughs and lastly the sad thoughts. Best of luck for your single release on Saturday, wish it was in Melbourne. I would be there, I can’t get there as I can’t fly. I try as hard as I can but my arms won’t flap hard enough. Nah I am too scared of flying.



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