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Suburban Haze after their Aussie tour release a cover of Antagonist A.D.’s Beached.

Newcastle post-punk genre-hoppers, Suburban Haze have just completed their national tour for their new digital EP Silent, Go Home with lead single “Keepsake” now they return with one more surprise for 2016 – a cover of Antagonist A.D.’s Beached.

Lead singer Paul had a quick chat with us to talk about their unique take on New Zealand’s Metalcore band Antagonist A.D.

“This is a song I’ve loved and wanted to put a spin on for a long time. I remember when this came out and my housemate and I would play the album anytime we wanted to get pumped up. The other side of wanting to cover this was I just wanted to have a breakdown somewhere in our discography.

I wrote up my interpretation of the guitar riffs years ago and it slowly morphed into what it is today. It’s probably the weirdest sounding thing we’ve made so far. Actually, scratch that, it’s definitely the weirdest sounding thing we’ve made so far.”

Earlier in 2016, Suburban Haze released the 6-track EP I Will Never Happen which Rolling Stone Australia described as “suitably immersive, flirtatiously rising towards stadium-ready Arcade Fire levels of grandeur, yet remains on the twisted, passionate post-punk path, restlessly shifting gears without warning” and Pilerats described as “Suburban Haze occupy a space somewhere between the likes of The Pixies and Fugazi, with some Buckley and Nick Cave thrown in for good measure”. On their latest 2-track release, “Silent, Go Home” Suburban Haze have further matured both their sound and production while bringing in further influences from Australia and overseas. Diverse as their influences are, everything is measured and balanced. Nothing is forced or contrived. Silent, Go Homeis available for streaming and download via Itunes and Bandcamp.

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