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“This exciting new release marks a new chapter in DJ Green Lantern’s career”
-This Song Is Sick 

Broadly speaking, the recipe for a successful career in music usually requires a good amount of originality combined with progression in style, technique, and expression over time. These are some of the qualities that set apart the temporary junk food artists and timeless legends.

TheSpvceAge is a new moniker for a veteran of the hip hop game who rose to prominence in the late 90’s, when he put beat making aside for a while to focus on DJing and creating his own brand of unique and highly original mixtapes. Better know by the name DJ Green Lantern, those previously stated reasons resulted in a signing with Eminem’s Shady Records, production on three incredible mix tapes for the label, and extensive touring with Eminem. In addition, Green Lantern provided the official mixtape for HBO’s How To Make It In America and toured with another hip hop legend- Nas.

Always eager to test new sounds in his own productions, Green Lantern has never been apprehensive about trying different approaches. He regularly dabbles with various electronic genres and combines them with his own personal vision of making music, which is why he found himself producing tracks heavily influenced by trap in recent times. One of the highlights among those was certainly his remix of Jay Z’s “Feelin It” which was part of hip hop mogul’s New Year show at Barclay’s Center.

Fast forwarding to the present, Gramatik’s label Lowtemp is now releasing his first official single under a new production alias called TheSpvceAge. This project represents a move to even more experimental grounds and the result is stunning. The track is hard to describe in one dimensional terms like funk or hip hop, when it’s obvious it is more about the style. The forward-looking cosmic vibe is in perfect harmony with sampled echoes of the past, creating an incredible retro-futuristic feel that has as much to do with funk and soul as it does with future bass.

“So I’ve been dabbling / exploring different sonics in electronic music for some time now and developed a new sound: Melodic Electro G- Funk. I’ve created a gang of new music with this sound, and wanted to give it its own name, so it can stand on its own. Enter TheSpvceAge. By incorporating retro-futuristic imagery and this new sound, I feel like it’s a whole different world I’m taking the listener into.”

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