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mainland-01mainlanddummy test
LA via NY act Mainland dropped their peppy and angst ridden tune, “Dummy Test” over on Interview Magazine. Mainland’s frontman, Jordan Topf, describes this new sound as a collage, “cut, torn, and pieced together.” Accordingly, “Dummy Test” was written by Mainland in layers. “We started with those angular guitar stabs,” Topf explains, “and the lyrics came naturally afterwards.” The result is rowdy and playful; a jolty guitar undercuts Topf’s vocals, punctuated by a spiky drumbeat.

demo-taped-01demo taped: stay ft. amber mark
18-year-old ATLien Demo Taped melds R&B sensibilities with inventive synth sculpting for a sound all his own. “Stay” is a paragon of what he’s capable of. His velvety tenor floats over 8-bit Super Mario synth flourishes, deep synth bass, and just enough swing to keep the R&B vibes off-kilter. Vocalist Amber Mark darkens the mood beautifully as well. It’s easy to gloss over her lyrics, but their deceptive potency won’t let you. The track aesthetically sounds like it belongs on a baby-making playlist with its smooth, sultry edges, but it’s actually about something much deeper and harder to process.

tesla-boy-01tesla boycircles
Tesla Boy’s Video for “Circles” Is One of the Best This Year.  It takes mad skills to go hard while balancing a roasted bird on a plate, OK? Here are some things you should know about Tesla Boy: 
They’re a Russian quartet. They make synth-stoked electronica with a pinch of 80s new wave pop. Remember Zoot Woman / Jacques Lu Cont / Les Rythmes Digitales? Probably not, but there are hints of all Stuart Price’s acts in Tesla Boy’s polished curves.  For their video for “Circles”—a house-meets-Italo-disco number—they re-team with Patrick and Sullivan and the results are similarly stunning. It all takes place in a Chinese restaurant where faces are peeled and waving roast chickens are tangoed with. App dating is also involved in the storyline, and just like with “Nothing” some sick choreography is deployed (thanks to Denna Thomsen, who’s worked with Sigur Ros and Sia).

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