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Avatar Takes Three Out of 12 Spots on Belinda Reedy’s “Twelve Best of 2016” List

  1. Surprise Breakout Performance at a Festival:


MYSTERY-Rocklahoma; Pryor Oklahoma  After an extended weather delay, MYSTERY performed for, and delighted, thousand of unsuspecting fans, leading to hundreds of crowd surfers and forcing security to triple in the pit in moments.

2) Most Engaging Performance at a Festival:

 Avatar- Welcome to Rockville; Jacksonville, Florida.  With temperatures reaching towards the 90’s , full grease paint make up, and layers of fabric, Johannes Eckerström and his merry band of minstrels never let the energy fall.  They owned the stage.

3) Interview:

Sick Puppies; Welcome to Rockville; Jacksonville, Florida  When other press members abandoned their posts to ready themselves to see headliners, only two people were in the press area when Sick Puppies members made their way there.  What was an interview turned into a very honest gab session lasting 45 minutes.



4) Creepiest Selfie:

Johannes Eckerstrom – Avatar- Welcome to Rockville; Jacksonville, Florida

It speaks for itself.  I love it and it will be my favorite for a very long time.



5) Least Metal Moment:

Bowling- Chris Kael, Zoltan Balthory- Five Finger Death Punch (AKA the Five Finger King Pins)- Orlando, Florida.


Even though, technically it wasn’t metal, it was for a wonderful cause- Downs Syndrome, and that makes it ROCK!  Giving back is ALWAYS cool.

6) Craziest Pit Photos:

Piggy D of Rob Zombie’s Band; Welcome to Rockville

When Piggy saw me standing back from the crowd in the pit, he gave me the following acknowledgment.  This moment was captured many times from all different angles, but this is where it came from.piggy-d_-rob-zombie

7) Funniest Sight:

Man taking Wife back to campsite at 3 AM: Rocklahoma

When his wife was too intoxicated to walk home he had a problem.  The solution? Sit her on the rolling cooler and roll her home.  She passed out and still held on to her beer.

8) Most Fan Friendly Stage

Retrospect Records; Rocklahoma

 While it is true I work quite frequently with Retrospect Records, it doesn’t diminish the fact that if you want to meet future rock stars and just hangout in a fan friendly atmosphere, nothing tops this stage.  While there are still rules and security, artists aren’t afraid to come out of the backstage area and enjoy the rest of the festival, making this a fully engaging Rock and Roll experience.


9) Funniest Post Interview Photo

Avatar- Welcome to Rockville

I know I’m short, and many people are significantly taller, but being used as an armrest by Johannes and John?  That was a new one.  Their sense of humor and outgoingness despite their mysterious personas made this a great professional and personal memory.


10) Most Theatrical Performance

In This Moment- Hell Pop Tour; Hard Rock Café; Orlando, Florida

Marina Brink still delivers the energy and sex appeal, and the show is a visual wonderland of costumes and choreography.  The music is engaging and her vocal abilities never disappoint.



11) Sexist Cover

Shaman’s Harvest- Dirty Diana

Nathan Hunt’s vocals have never been stronger and I’m really looking forward to the new album.   For the record I never liked this song and NOW I do.


 12) Best and Most Heart Warming Moment

Robert Sweet- Stryper- 80’s In the Park; Melbourne, Florida

Osweetn the day of their performance I got to meet ( again) the person who was my first interview in the music world, Robert Sweet, but it wasn’t until the next day that we really got to talk in the lobby of the hotel.  I didn’t realize until we started talking that this person changed my life.  If I had interviewed anyone but him, I may not be writing this now.  He was kind, patient and made a great interview with someone who had no idea what she was doing.  It could have gone horribly wrong.  While we talked, in the lobby, it made me cry as I thanked him.  Then he hugged me, and I                                                                  cried even harder.  We both ended up taking a photo in                                                                      sunglasses.



2016 was a busy but rewarding year.  There were many more moments that didn’t reach the list that are equally memorable, and 2017 is rolling strong.  I couldn’t do this without the love, dedication and assistance of man people.  Some but not all are: Jen Rees, My glorious editor who, in good faith, allows me a great degree of creativity and freedoms.  Sam McCaslin, the man behind Retropect Records who, occasionally, actually listens to my crazy.  J-Rock and Patti from the State Theater in Tampa, Florida who include me whenever they can, my awesome kid, Richie Reedy who shares the love of all that is music with me, and Chase Hinton who goes above and beyond.  There are many more, and way too many to list.  You know I will thank you personally when I see you.  ROCK ON!

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