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By Jordan Sibberas

Like a cataclysmic storm making landfall, the brand new album »Xenocide« from crushing Brisbane outfit AVERSIONS CROWN is here to destroy everything in its path.

 Off the back of a long touring cycle for their Nuclear Blast Entertainment debut, »Tyrant«, which saw AVERSIONS CROWN playing alongside SOILWORK, THY ART IS MURDER, ATTILA, PARKWAY DRIVE, PSYCROPTIC, RINGS OF SATURN and THE ACACIA STRAIN, hitting festivals like Unify Gathering and Taste Of Anarchy as well as selling out headline shows on the other side of the world in Germany and the UK, the band refined and sharpened their already potent mix of brutal death metal speed and violence with eldritch atmospherics, audio manipulation and vocalist Mark Poida’s otherworldly vocal range and ability into a new level of destruction.

 With teaser tracks ‘Parasites’ and ‘Erebus’ released over the course of 2016 hinting at the new direction, the band teamed up with frequent collaborators Adam Merker at Studio Anders Debeerz in Brisbane and Mark Lewis from Audio Hammer in Florida to create »Xenocide«.

 On the goal in mind when writing »Xenocide«, guitarist mastermind Chris Cougan says “we wanted to accentuate our strengths as Aversions Crown; the extreme drumming, the guitar interplay, Mark’s awesome vocals and really work on the arrangements instead of having a bunch of riffs on top of some blasts.”

 With a loose conceptual framework at play across »Xenocide«’s tales of destruction, revenge, reanimation and murder, Poida enthuses “I really got an awesome brutal canvas to paint a horrible evil lyrical picture on. We pushed it to the limits of our songwriting ability and are very proud of the record.”

 AVERSIONS CROWN will take »Xenocide« to stages around the world in 2017. Get in the pit or get out of the way.



Jordan catches up with Mick for a chat about the Album.

MI: How do you feel about the new record Xenocide and the recording process?

Mick: we were stoked with it! I think it’s our best record to date and it’s the strongest material we’ve done as a band. We were really happy with how it came together in the end. We’re excited to see what happens when it drops.

MI: Xenocide’s guitar tones in particular were incredibly heavy, what went into making them sound so brutal?

Mick: We had a bit of an idea of how we wanted it to sound, and we had certain ideas about how to get those. In the end, we worked with a guy called Mark Lewis in the States who mixed and mastered the tapes so we worked with him before the recording process. We figured out how to get them by working with him, for instance on guitar using certain gauge strings and that sort of thing to get that really tight low tuning tone. He had some great ideas about how to mic up the drums and all that sort of stuff, so it was great having the tones down from the start rather than trying to pull them out during the mixing process.


MI: Could you share some of the lyrical influences on Xenocide?

Mick: We had a new vocalist on this record, Mark Porter has been the live vocalist for a while but this is his first record with us. He had a bit of a concept he wanted to flow through all the songs, and he had a bit of a task ahead of him to lay it down. In the end, we think he did a good job of having the ideas flow through the record, but we don’t want to give away too much because we enjoy seeing what people get out of it themselves and to see how different people have different ideas about it.

MI:  As locals of the Gold Coast, what can you tell us about the metal scene there?

Mick: It’s a bit hot and cold to be honest; there’s always been good bands there but the scene itself is at the moment pretty flat. There aren’t many venues for bands, which means most bands head up to the Brisbane scene and work from there. A lot of the heavy music venues either shut down or changed, which makes it pretty hard to see a heavy gig on the Gold Coast. The public transport and travel also makes it difficult.

MI: Aversions Crown had the chance to play some large European festivals last year, what were those experiences like?

Mick: We’ve been over to Europe a few times now and every time we go back we see our fan base growing which is great. We’re especially excited to see what happens off the back of this album. We’ve played some pretty amazing shows over there, and it’s a bit of a spinout to head over there and play to massive crowds that know all our songs on the other side of the world.

MI: On a similar note are you aware your band’s only Wikipedia page is in German?

Mick: *laughs* no way, that’s actually pretty funny! We always do well over there so I guess they’ve taken the initiative.

MI: Are any tours on the cards?

Mick: we have some tour announcements very soon! I’m hoping we’ll have our announcements out very soon so keep an eye out and we’ll be very busy on the road in 2017.

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written by Jordan Sibberas.

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