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Sinead from B*witched chats to Jen about their upcoming Australian Tour.

Irelands biggest pop export B*WITCHED who head down under in February 2017 for a mindblowing reunion tour like no other. Off the back of a Sold Out UK Arena tour that left fans begging for more, the Dublin quartet bring with them a string Australian Top 10 hits including C’est La Vie, Rollercoaster as well as Jessie Hold On, To You I Belong, Blame It On The Weatherman plus More! B*WITCHED have sold 3 million records worldwide

“We want B*Witched to be nothing less than a celebration of being alive” (B*Witched)

I had a chat with Sinead of B*Witched last week to learn more about the tour. The first question I asked was met with enthusiasm. I asked her if she was stoked to come Down Under. She replied  “It is so cool because we were there years and years ago but we never really got the chance to go on tour so it is going to be so cool. My brother lives in Brisbane as well so I’m going to enjoy it the tour and see him, so it is killing two birds with one stone. That is perfect for me! We were going to start in Brisbane but that’s been changed to the end, so we can stay a little longer for a holiday. My husband and my kids will come out towards the end of the tour.”

I was surprised to learn that they had only been to Australia once back in the 90’s and it was not even a tour. “When we were here in the 90s, it was a Promo tour only. I definitely liked Melbourne the best.  I remember when we arrive we went straight to the make up artist to get ready but I said I wanted to go for a walk to see the actual city. We did have a few days off but it was also new and we had just finished a video shoot and we finished at 4 in the morning and I was lucky enough to sleep the whole way there on the plane. Apart from that hour trip down from Sydney I slept for 22 hours! So the other girls said no wonder you were able to go for a walk!”

We talked about The Big Reunion and how Sinead found the whole experience. I think she was pretty keen on it!  “You know it was the best fun ever. It was literally like being on tour with  people you went to school with. We left all of our responsibilities at home and we got on the bus and we just went. It was not that we were going wild or anything, it was just that we have been so immersed in ourselves, like my kids were 5 and 2 and when you are in the kid zone it is so nice to get out of it and just go on tour. I had not done any of that for years. The other girls had done some but I had not stepped on stage in like 13 years. on the first night of that reunion, when I was on the back of the stage looking out, I was like OMG what do I do?? They are all adults! They are not kids! I just could not get my head around that. All I remembered from years ago was performing to kids. I did not even think about it to the actual night that those kids would have grown up!  It felt really really odd for me. The minute I got on stage I was actually fine.”



When discussing whether or not she still felt the buzz from playing live it was a definite yes! “Yes absolutely! I think the reaction from the crowd when we played Cest la Vie, the crowd just went off and nearly blew the roof off the place. It was mad to think that after all that time we would get that reaction.”

I told her that I was more in to the pop punk bands of the 90’s like Blink than I was of the pop bands. She replied It is funny when you are younger, especially in school like my good friends were all The Doors fans that I was totally the pop end like Kylie, the whole thing from when I was like 12 or 13, like WHAM! but you don’t tend to diverse when you were younger because it is almost like a statement. Like I am a The Doors fan or The Violent Femmes fan and all these weird and  obscure kind of bands and I went along with it but have no interest, my friends properly thought I was so naff liking my pop bands.  (both laughing) They made me want to dance!”

Her favourite song to play live was Weatherman and Cest La Vie but her favourite song of theirs was a song on the second album called ‘It was Our Day’ that Edele has written about her Granny who at the time passed away, I just loved that song as  every lyric that was in was what she actually went through. I loved that, because it was so real.”



I then asked Sinead like I ask most artists, what is it about Australia that they love coming here and her answer was a little different. I think for me, it was kind of felt like it was like Ireland, we felt that we were kind of home in a weird way. The people would just so laid back and friendly. When you are on the road, when you are really younger and are missing home, any glimmers that remind you of home you are just going to get really attached to. I think that Australia had that effect on us. We did not really want to leave! Also the communication was so easy, I mean we went to countries where the languages was so different. Sometimes the communication does not flow so easily. So when we arrived in Australia it was like yah! we can understand them!” Communication is important!

 Thanks Sinead for her time and I hope that everyone heads to their tour in a couple of weeks. See below for details. 


B*Witched, Atomic Kitten, S Club 3, East 17 – 2017 Australian Tour Dates:

Wednesday 8th February – Adelaide – Thebarton Theatre

Thursday 9th February – Melbourne – Festival Hall

Friday 10th February – Melbourne – 170 Russell – SOLD OUT

Saturday 11th February – Sydney – Big Top

Sunday 12th February – Sydney – Big Top

Tuesday 14th February – Newcastle – NEX Wests City

Wednesday 15th February – Hobart – Wrest Point

Friday 17th February – Gold Coast – Jupiters Theatre

Saturday 18th February – Brisbane – Eatons Hill

 Tickets: ON SALE NOW





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