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Irish rock heavyweight Peter M Smith chats to Jen from Spain about his new single ‘High’

Irish chart-topper Peter M Smith, who is poised to make his epic breakthrough in the UK, releases his new single High on February 24 as a taster of his forthcoming debut album Upon This Rock. This explosive chunky strummer about the mood-elevating power of carnal lust shows Smith is on the verge of greatness and on course to replicate the success the Dublin-born rocker is already enjoying at home.

Fresh from claiming the No 1 spot on the Irish rock charts with his haunting take on Love Will Tear Us Apart, he has now had a meeting of minds with the Spanish quartet Lax ‘n’ Busto – who are 17 albums into their career, have shifted more than a million records and like him are based in Barcelona – to team up on the single, which was inspired by his wife Jessica.




Hi Peter, I listened to ‘High’ and I loved it. You are Irish, living in Spain so I thought why not give Australia a listen to this single!

So you have been writing since the age of 12 and have now honed your power rock to perfection for your debut album ‘Upon this Rock’ due out in May. How has the road been for you in the lead up to this point in your career? Have you been supported by friends and family?

Yes, first of all, thank you so much for taking an interest in Australia! I have just recently gotten married, so yes, I have the support of not only of a great girl, but also we will have twin girls supporting us very soon! My family in general have always been amazing, my mum especially.

You have already had a chart topper in Ireland and hope to break out in the UK with ‘High’, your facebook states that you have had success in Ireland, Europe and South Africa. Why in South Africa do you think? I was interested by this.

Great Question, I wrote 8 of the 14 songs on the Phixx, Electrophonic Revolution album which was a no.1 record there. So I think there is an appetite for my work there (hopefully).

Have you other countries in mind that you are going to target press with your new album?

Well, Spain is important as I live here. Australia, France, Germany – anywhere my passport is valid! I think the world loves Rock music so I just want to get out there and play!

Your song ‘High’ is a collaboration with Lax ‘n’ Busto, I was going to ask why a Spanish band then reading a little further see you live there too!

Was the Collaboration in song only or did Lax ‘n’ Busto assist you in the writing of the song? How did the collaboration come about, you have been a fan so it must have felt pretty special to work with them.

Cracking question! No, I wrote this song alone, just me and my guitar. I had recorded a version with my own band which I also love, but the opportunity to work with Legends such as Lax N’Busto was too juicy to refuse! Yes, I am a huge Lax N’ Busto fan. I had been to many concerts and was lucky to be asked to do a show with them in Barcelona for a Rock Tribute to a famous DJ and everything spiralled from there! As a fan, it is like a dream to play with these guys and although we are only rehearsing and preparing now, it is really a privilege.

Why the move to Spain from Ireland?

I make no secret of the fact that I was very unhappy in Ireland. I suffered personally while living there and needed to change. I had quit music completely. There are many people out there who suffer from depression, I was one, my solution was to change my life and that starts with your surroundings.

Is there an overall theme to your new album?

 Yes, hope is the message. For me, I had a lifetime of rejection from the mainstream in terms of both who I am and what I am musically. I want people who are out there making demos and having doors slammed in their faces, to come and listen and hopefully take hope from what I am doing. I always knew I was capable of doing this, it was just a case of finding others who believed from a backing and business perspective.         img_2121

I really like ‘Speak No Evil’, I think it is a great choice for the opening track for ‘Upon This Rock’. Sweet as bass rift and great lyrics make this a fav for me of all the songs I listened to on your Soundcloud account. What was the inspiration behind writing this song? It seems to be a good song to sing at someone that is driving you mad.

Good observation. Speak No Evil is a song of protest definitely.

For me, it’s a summing up of all of the frustrations that people can feel when they are facing the same old same old stories of social and political corruption. I am a firm advocate of freedom in all it’s forms, but we as people have to take the first step and actually Speak our minds!

 Can you sum up for us why our readers should take some time to listen to your new Single ‘High’?

I think if you love honest old fashioned Rock and Roll, with  no gimmicks or tricks. If you like simple sentiments and like me like a soaring riff and a shout out vocal, download it. Music is simple and should always be easy to access and create.

In 7 words, can you describe to us what your album is like?

Loud, Simple, Honest, Free, Sexual, Flawed and Emotional

Well done on that last question! Cheers Peter, best of luck for your release and I hope it shoots up the charts!

Thank you Jen!! You are a star!!




Upon This Rock

Primal, ballsy riffs and layers of hard-rocking, crunching chords are spread large across the 11 tracks, laced with Smith’s singular heartfelt, splenetic rock-soul vocals. The songs range from a dark examination of the anguish of tormented artists (Rough Diamonds) to his tribute to the rowdiness and excess of London’s East End (Requiem For Fighting), as well as a cover of Nirvana’s Territorial Pissings.

Speaking about his new release Peter M Smith explains he is “keeping things simple and just writing about what is happening on a personal level at the time. I’m not one to keep a diary; these songs are my personal account of what is going on at any given time“.

The full tracklisting of Upon This Rock is:

  1. Speak No Evil
  2. High
  3. Rockstar
  4. Requiem for Fighting
  5. Rough Diamonds
  6. Song for Leah
  7. Alright Now
  8. Free Lover’s Disco
  9. Avenge the Maybes
  10. Felony
  11. Territorial Pissings

Showcasing his talent and building his reputation as a superstar-in-waiting with gigs around Europe, Smith recently toured the UK with former Motörhead star Phil Campbell And The Bastard Sons.

Peter M Smith releases the single High on February 24, followed by the album Upon This Rock on May 1.

For more on Peter M Smith:


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