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Jen chats to Emma Anglesea about her new music video. (belated release)

Emma released a music video for her song Mary-Anne in December. This is a gripping ride that will have listeners enthralled and intrigued. Infectious, driving drums propel the sweeping instrumental; rich strings stab, and choral backing vocals float while Anglesey’s understated vocal susurrate throughout.  The clip celebrates the beauty of the Tasmanian wilderness and magnifies our human reaction to an opening landscape.

 Apologies to Emma as I did not get this out before Christmas and somehow got lost in the pile of To Do things.

Hi Emma, Thanks for the time to answer these questions. 

My pleasure! 

Your single Mary-Anne was released in November and you have finished your Australian Tour now, how have the crowds received your single?

People really love the song which feels really nice. In fact people have been dancing to it at the shows which was unexpected. 

The meaning of not knowing where the road leads and that stuff happens that is totally out of control is poignant right now as people feel that the lead up to Christmas and the end of the year. I think many readers would agree.

When you wrote Mary-Anne what were you going through? Can you share the writing journey with us?

I was living with some friends and it was a moment in time where all of us were going through something big. We were all sharing our experiences and supporting each other and I realised that uncertainty and struggle is a big part of everyone’s lives. I think for me personally, I’d just broken up with my girlfriend and had started dating this guy and it was a feeling of not know what was going to happen next – but I don’t think that experience is necessarily reflected in the song. 

Joshua Barber met you in a small folk festival and was clearly impressed with your writing talent and wanted to work with you. He mentioned that you write selected sounds that build towards emotional environments. Can you tell us how that makes you feel?

Oh this is such a nice question and really interesting for me to think about. Certain sounds make me feel really excited, and trigger certain emotions and when creating sonic landscapes for songs I like to make sure each sound fits. It’s kinda like creating little worlds. 

Do you think in the future that your music will be featured in tv shows and movies seeing that that your lyrics and sounds have that emotional link?

Oh I really hope so. That would be amazing!

The music video for Mary-Anne has stunning views and backdrops. I guess a bonus of living in Tasmania you can have some pretty special scenes. Humans have a real connection when it comes to nature and this video makes your lyrics have more of an impact and meaning. Was this the idea when you were discussing the idea of a music video?




Did you have a great time filming this? Any funny stories to share?

Yes! It was so amazing to be out in the wilderness for a few days and away from it all. There was no mobile reception which made it even better. We were really determined to film the landscape in the Lake Pedder area but there was rain forecast pretty much for the whole time that we’d put aside to shoot. With a lot of the scenes, Tim Kling who filmed the clip and I would be sitting in the car waiting for the rain to stop, and when it did, we’d jump out and film and then quickly jump back in when it started again. Thankfully there was one clear day and that’s when Tim shot the time lapses. 

I was interested in a concept that I saw you discuss on your facebook page. You asked the question Do you think that it’s fair women are made to feel guilty for not responding positively all advances made by men?

After reading an article on how men feel. Can you take us through your thoughts on this? I totally agree with you. I find it an unusual article to be in Fairfax Media. Follow Emma here to keep up with her news.

It’s hard to explain in a few words and I’d be keen to write in more detail at some point in the future or chat about it over coffee. The comment was in responses to an overly simplified opinion piece written by Jo Palmer a Tasmanian local news reader published in Fairfax’s Examiner and should be taken in that context. Gender equality is a complex issue that I try to approach with empathy to all parties and over simplification leads to increased polarisation rather than increased understanding and curiosity. 

Can you tell us about the cutest direct action that you took on Dec the 3rd? #HandOffRNMusic

Yes! I organised a little busking action at Salamanca markets last week to support #HandOffRNMusic and say no to cutting Radio National Music Programs. Lots of Tasmanian musicians came along including a folk singer by the name of Sue Tilly. She adapted a gospel song “Turn Your Radio On” for everyone to sing which was awesome and there was a spontaneous busking parade through Salamanca that followed. It was just so cute and kind of like the Pied Piper – without the scary bit. I filmed it an posted the video my Facebook. It was really fun and an example of how you can make your voice heard in a really positive way. 

What is next for you? Are you having a break over Xmas to spend with family?

Yes! Christmas will be with the family and then I’ve been invited to play at the Falls Festival – I’m really excited about this. Then in the early new year I’m going to go catch up with my cousins on Maria Island (Tassie’s South East Coast) and then spend 3 days hiking up Frenchman’s Cap if the weather’s good. So excited that summer is here!

Thanks Emma, all the best!


Thanks for these really well thought out and research questions Jen! All the best to you too and have a safe and happy Christmas! x

I sure did and apologise for the amount of time it tool to get this out!



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