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Jen asks Solace Nerwal about his new single ‘Across Oceans’

Prepare yourself to be immersed in ‘Across Oceans’. Solace’s compelling lyrics and spellbinding electronic beats is a MUST listen to. Music Injection Australia


Solace Nerwal has released his latest single, “Across Oceans”.

The new single seamlessly weaves together a contemporary electronica sound with Solace Nerwal’s mesmerizing vocals. The Washington, DC, based singer, songwriter, and producer has been working with artists around the world to create new singles for audiences everywhere. He has been promoting his independent music mainly on social media, which has cultivated a large following.

In “Across Oceans”, Solace Nerwal encourages listeners to follow their dreams and live their lives despite the challenges that might arise.

Hi Solace,

You have lived and breathed music it seems all your life, starting remixing at the age of 14. It is unique that you are doing everything yourself, writing, singing and producing your music. Do you find yourself being self-critical and taking longer to make your music perfection as you have no one to bounce ideas off or do you think it is easier?

I think both have their pros and cons.  When I make music alone, I can be as free as I want to be and take as much as I need to make that music perfect.  I always want to make something I’m proud of in the years to come. Collaboration with other artists is great too, you get to see someone else’s process and learn from them, feed from their energy.  But, sometimes you also run into creative differences that may make the project less satisfying.

 Can you share with us what instruments you can play?

I play a bit of piano, guitar and flute.  My parents are originally from India, so I speak several Indian languages and I also play many instruments of Indian origin such as tumbi, algozey and dhol. Let’s not forget the RC-505 looper 🙂

In “Across Oceans” your message is to encourage your listeners to follow their dreams despite the challenges that may stop them. Is this written from personal experience? Were there obstacles in your way that you had to fight against?

I wrote “Across Oceans” back in 2015, a time period of my life where nothing seemed to go right.  It had been months since I’d written any music, I was lacking inspiration.  Eventually I had a revelation that I have the power to do great things and take control of my life, and so the lyrics to this song came to be.

Your vocals are amazing, they match the music well and if listeners are not careful they could be put in a very relaxed mood! That is always a good thing 🙂

 Thank you, that means a lot.

I watched the video on facebook of you performing ‘Across Oceans’ it gives a real insight of what it takes to make a track. Can you take us through the process of laying it down on the RC-505? It is very enjoyable to watch!


I just try to imitate with my hands and voice what is in my mind.  When I wrote the hook of the song, I instantly knew I wanted a 2-step rhythm and a deep and grungy bassline.  The hats and harmonies came naturally after that.  On the technical side, I use ableton live for most of the EQ, compressions and effects.

What artists have you been working with lately?

At this time, I am deliberately working solo to hone my skills even more as a singer and songwriter.  Eventually I would love to collaborate with other artists but not at the moment.

 What is next for you now that you have released “Across Oceans”?

I am planning a release every month of indie music sung in English and also music sung in international languages such as Hindi and Punjabi.  I make music from my heart, and write down whatever language my heart speaks at that time :).

 Thanks, I wish you all the best for 2017.

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