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Kennedy from The Maine chats to Jen about their Australian Tour with All Time Low and Neck Deep.

THE MAINE are Arizona’s alternative pop punk darlings, and aren’t afraid to redefine their sound as they continue to push musical boundaries. Their new album, Lovely, Little, Lonely, will be released in April and if the new single ‘Bad Behaviour’ is anything to go by, this will be another instant classic. As Alternative Press notes, “The Maine sound like a band who’ve finally found their happy place”.

Jen had the chance to talk to Kennedy about the upcoming tour with All Time Low and Neck Deep.

Hi Kennedy, how are you?

Great and you?

Same, thanks.

It is so good that you are coming back to Australia soon!

Yes it is, I can’t wait!

It has only been a little over a year ago since you left our shores and now you are back with two of my other fav bands.

Yeah, it is short in terms for us, it is great.

Is there something about Australia that you can’t stay away?

Oh I don’t know, your wonderful people, your wonderful weather, your great shows, it is awesome. Honestly we have the best time when we are over there, we always have really great shows and we played with wonderful local bands and we have been over there with some of our favorite bands the ones that have had the biggest influences in the past, like Taking Back Sunday an it is awesome and to get to come back again with our friends in All Time Low it is just the icing on the cake.

Would you still classify your sound as pop punk or alternative rock or do you just don’t care?

Partially don’t care.  (laughing) I guess I tend to, if somebody was to ask me on the street  typically I would say alternative rock. I mean honestly we do pop songs, they are disguised as rock songs and I think in general we are a bunch of dudes playing guitars and we prefer rock music.

Your new single /Bad Behavior’, which I really like, is this the sound that your new album is taking?

Yes, usually we do our best to pick what song we think helps to encompass the whole album, it is not easy to do and I think it just feels really fun everything has grooves and everything bounces and it all just feels really upbeat for us and I think we were really ambitious on this album and I think that we had similar feelings when recording our first album  and we have a lot of excitement in the room and I think somehow along the way in the 10 years we figured out how to harness that a little bit and I think we feel really confident about how everything turned out. it’s very cohesive and we are confident this is our best material.

Sweet! That is freaking awesome! 

I was listening to you guys on Spotify while I was cooking dinner last night and then I found I was singing to Justin Beiber! Not a fan of him but I must admit ‘Love yourself’ is a great song. You have done many covers, are you going to do anymore?

Yeah,  that is a fun thing for us to do and it gives people a different look at our minds and it gives us opportunities to branch out without having to take on a certain role, we get to try something that is somebody else’s.  It is always a fun and interesting look and it gives people something more to us.

I watched an interview that you did at warped and I saw some fans wearing fake beards just like yours, did you find that funny as I did!

I do! That is awesome.  (laughing) We have some very enthusiastic fans! It is supercool and warped tour is always a fun place and people like to become spectacles there.

You were on the Main stage this year?

Yes, it was wonderful for us, we had been striving to get onto that Main Stage in the past and the whole summer felt great. We have become big fans of playing in front of people that may or may not know our music and trying to win them over. It is a fun challenge.

You are anti fans paying to meet another human being, for example the crazy Avril Lavigne 400 bucks a ticket and I totally agree with you. I think that all humans are equal and that artists are people with gifts, like other people are with writing, teaching, being an astronaut etc. Although I fear that this is the way that the music industry will go due to many bands not being able make money out of their songs and sometimes tours.

Absolutely!  It is hard to speak for anyone else and what they will do that we have been setting ourselves on a different path than the other people in the industry in general over the years. We like to do things on our own anyway and it’s something that I don’t particularly agree with doing charging for things like that, I agree with you and we have mentioned in the past we don’t think that things like money should breed opportunity. I think for us we are constantly finding ways we can provide our fans with an experience that is worthy of paying for what we need to keep us going and we really try and look introspectively  and think what would we want our favorite bands to do and what would we want to see and we would try to emulate the best versions of ourselves. I think for us we don’t see it the way other people do, if they want to do that way and try and make their ends meet then so be it. We will continue to go our own way.

Will you be wearing your white shirts and blue pants like warped? I like that look!

I’m not so sure will be doing that but we will be doing something fun. That was a cool thing to do, I feel it helped put the spotlight on us during the summer and which was a fun aesthetic.

You were selling ‘Make Emo great again’ Cap, Love that! Crazy what is happening atm. Do you want to get political? Everyone seems to be outspoken of how they feel about Trump.

I don’t want to get super political. I had no desire for a Trump presidency, yeah it is crazy being in this position, I am very opinionated about stuff but it is hard to throw out too much of it in the public eye because it my opinion. For me, we have travelled around the world and seem wonderful people all over the place and I think I will continue to stand up against privilege.

It is a crazy world that we live in, I have seen more activism in the United States now which is a really interesting thing to see happen and I always wonder whether it’s too little too late. I am not a Trump fan and I am a fan of the world and a fan of good people. I don’t want to get more Political than that.

That is fine, I have interview Anti Flag a few times so I have talked Politics.  (both laughing) Not that there is anything wrong with that!

There were a lot of fans that did not like the direction that you took with American Candy, how do you cope with criticism like that?

You know it does not faze me in any way. I think collectively as a group when we put out music we feel confident that it is the best of our abilities at that exact moment and we feel like that’s the best thing that we can possibly do and we feel confident about it and proud of our work and I think one of the things about our band that we have had the luxury of doing, we have changed our style and mixing things up a bit throughout the years and we are constantly trying to be out of the comfort zone for ourselves and sometimes that leads you down a path where somebody can enjoy your music even more and sometimes somebody doesn’t like what you’re currently working on. What is great about us is that we are always moving forward, we have made a lot more people happy that we have pissing them off which is lucky for us. (both laughing) and we are going to keep on making the music that we thoroughly enjoy. So far I have heard a lot more positive things than negative.

You have a Miserable Youth show that chronicles your touring days, I did not have time to watch them all. Are you going to continue these?

Yeah, for us it is kind of a ongoing projects only one to feel a little bit less about the record but more about how it feels to do what we do and I think we thoroughly enjoyed hanging out with each other and we think it’s a fun thing to do. We want people to see  things how we do.

Is there one thing in your career that you feel really embarrassed about? that you can share?

The one stands out in particular is we did a music video a few years ago now to a song called ‘In to your Arms’ and it was the first time that we started working with Warner Brothers and we had this big budget for a music video. We show up and never really having done the more put together video shoots we really didn’t know what we were doing. At the time we sat down and everybody basically the cosmetic person doing make up. We were told things look way different on camera so you should get some make up done and I end up what I don’t know how long I was sitting in that damn chair but I ended up feeling like my face was stuck because I had so much make-up on and every time I look back at that video I just cringe looking at how much of a baby I was and didn’t realize that I could just say no I don’t need that. I always seem to get reminded because the photo shoot we did for that song for whatever reason it ends up being one of the most used photos over and over again for when people are searching Google to pull up an image of the bands. So I get the luxury of seeing all the time.

I am so going to look at the video now and post it.

Haha that’s funny.

Thanks heaps for your time Kennedy.

Thanks Jen




With Special Guests Neck Deep and The Maine


Presented by Destroy All Lines, Chugg Entertainment & Hysteria



Wednesday 10th May – Powerstation (Licensed All Ages)



Friday 12th May – Riverstage (Licensed All Ages) or 136 100 or 1300 762 545



Saturday 13th May – Hordern Pavilion (Licensed All Ages) or 132 849



Sunday 14th May – Festival Hall (Licensed All Ages) or 136 100



Tuesday 16th May – Thebarton Theatre (Licensed All Ages) or 136 100



Thursday 18th May – Metropolis (18+) or 1300 762 545



Friday 19th May – Metropolis (Under 18) or 1300 762 545


For more information go to:


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