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Sick Puppies to Play Multiple Tour Dates This Spring and Summer !(US)

Sick Puppies continue to be the touring machine.  Emma Anzai – bass, Mark Goodwin – drumspercussionbacking vocals, and Bryan Scott – lead vocalsguitar (2016–present), continue to give an extra energy burst to their live performances.  The most recent offering, Fury, is still driving their tour, and while it is somewhat heavier, it is complimentary to last year’s addition of Bryan Scott.

How Bryan became part of this lineup is a testament to the power of social media.  When I had an opportunity to chat with them, the story was pretty interesting indeed.  It seems that Bryan, while at a red light checked his Facebook.  He saw the group’s post regarding parting ways with their singer/ guitarist Shimon Moore.  “I saw that and I KNEW I was going to be in the band.  I wasn’t arrogant, I just knew.”  Emma added “ He sent a video to our Facebook.”  I likened it to being the handsome actor walking down the street and being “discovered”.  It could not have been a better, more inspiring story.  That’s not to say that Bryan hasn’t paid his dues.  He has been playing guitar and singing his “whole life”.  He admits there is a certain amount of pressure involved with stepping into a well established band as a front man.  “Sure, you have to live up to what people are used to.  My goal is to pay homage to previously what the fans have known.  It’s a lot of added pressure but it has been overwhelmingly positive.img_9767-1


When asked for a few details about the split, Emma says they “made a conscious decision to move forward and keep the band.”  As a girl growing up in Australia, Emma was inspired by young groups who made it clear to her “you didn’t have to be older to get into the business” , as she had previously thought.  She began by playing guitar, but moved to bass so the newly formed trio’s lead singer could play guitar. She likes it better as it is, to her a “combination of drums and melody”.  This works out quite well with Bryan as he “prefers to play AND sing.  I’ve tried just singing before but it felt odd.”



They love playing live, especially when it’s hot.  This was a little surprising to me but Emma explained, “We like it up there. Your muscles get hot and it’s the best experience. Admittedly, touring can be a challenge with all that together time.  Bryan summed it up best. “You have to find your own space and just go there.”  They will be doing that quite a bit this spring and summer.  Be sure to go to for the latest tour information, and pick up the album Fury.  It’s quite enjoyable.




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