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Review of Ren’s just released EP ‘A Calling From The Shore’

A gem of an EP. Soothing and a calming experience that makes you want to put your headphones and lay down to chill. Music Injection Australia

Ren has recently released awe-inspiring EP ‘A Calling From The Shore.’ With a debut EP like this, it will be hard to top it for his next release, the benchmark has been set high! Overall this EP is stories that Ren had in his heart that have been poured into his music. When I first started listening to the EP I was a little stressed but Ren’s soothing voice I was able to relax.

I can understand the concept being pulled to the shore. The beach is a place that rejuvenates my soul. Listening to this EP while sitting on the beach gazing out to sea is a priceless experience.

The stand out track for me is Track 3, ‘All That I Need’ Ren’s soft soothing voice and gentle guitar and relatable lyrics is guaranteed to alleviate tension. Followed closely by “Piece Of Your Heart’ the devotion spills out from this tune.  A gentle love song from a reluctant person due to previous heart break.

I encourage you all to take a listen to Ren’s new EP. Listening to Ren’s comforting voice is an experience that everyone should have.

Review written by Jen Rees.

Makes you proud that we champion new and emerging music on the show when we get results like that’ Tony Gillham, BBC Radio

‘He just has that talent to create a whole universe in his music’ Sway and Breathe Blog

 Atmospheric and mellifluous with a velvet voice’ Radio Shropshire



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