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Tangerine Sky to Release Debut Single, ‘Now That I’ve Found You’

“A catchy tune that embraces the intimacy of love. A song that needs to be sung to the one you love. Unique folk vocals layered upon perfect music backdrop. Bring on the next release! ” Music Injection Australia

A band to watch, look out for the next release. If you want a physical old school you must head to one of their shows supporting The Jerry Cans – one at Solbar Maroochydore and another at Black Bear Lodge in Fortitude Valley on the 23rd and 24th of March. I have added this song to my playlist, in 2 days I am sure you will too!

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On Saturday, March 6, the independent roots group Tangerine Sky will release their first studio endeavour, a beautifully produced effort entitled ‘Now That I’ve Found You’. Inspired by acts such as Fleetwood Mac, the rising group’s sound draws heavily upon 70s-era sonic stylings based in roots and folk genres.

Formed in 2013 in Redcliffe, Australia, Tangerine Sky has become a beloved local outfit performing at festivals, bars, pubs, and charity events throughout Brisbane. Their music, often described as ‘folk pop,’ is a stunning culmination of Sharon Haigh and Mick Bristow on guitar, Bevan Bancroft on percussion, and Marcia Erdeljac on lead vocals.

From the opening notes of ‘Now That I’ve Found You,’ the band’s lineage is clear, offering a powerful, yet equally poignant female lead vocalist accented by a largely acoustic, superbly performed musical backdrop.


Lauded by radio and magazine publications, Tangerine Sky has become synonymous with soul and authenticity. Their style exudes prowess and chemistry, something that has made their live performances must-see events over the last four years. ‘Now That I’ve Found You’ marks the first of three single releases due out this year.

Tangerine Sky’s debut single was recorded with producer Darek Mudge at ‘The Shed’ recording studio in Brisbane last November. Physical copies of the band’s music will be available at upcoming live shows, and the single will be released on all major digital music platforms. On March 23 and 24, the band will celebrate their new release with two shows supporting the international act The Jerry Cans – one at Solbar Maroochydore and another at Black Bear Lodge in Fortitude Valley.

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