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Lea Porcelain release ‘Bones’ off their debut album due to be release mid 2017.


London-via-Berlin duo, Lea Porcelain, have shared their unique brand of electronic post-
punk via new single ‘Bones’. The single is taken from the band’s forthcoming debut album due mid 2017.
Last year, members Julien Bracht and Markus Nikolaus unleashed their genre-bending debut EP, ‘Out Is In’, which caught the attention of more than a few ears. The band’s brooding single ‘Warsaw Street’ had Stereogum hailing Lea Porcelain as “quixotic as a lucid dream”.
No less ambitious than its predecessor, ‘Bones’ rolls in at four and a half minutes, unmasking a post-punk lineage, conversing head on with more recent like-minded musical contemporaries.
“This song is a human confession facing the fact that we can’t shake off who we are, who our family is, or denying where we come from, where we go to, and who we fall in love with,” the duo say of the track. “No matter if healthy or destructive, no one in born or falls in love by choice.” Having written the track in Berlin, the band now base themselves in the FUNKHAUS, a Berlin broadcasting house created under Soviet supervision that now houses the world’s biggest recording studio – even bigger than Abbey Road’s Studio 1.


“Julien recorded drums in Frankfurt and travelled all the way to Berlin where I was staying”, Marcus recalls. “Recording it was very intense but a lot of fun. We just imagined a big crowd of people standing in front of us that we would sing to. We wrote two songs that night and I was a bit out of my mind and we couldn’t quite realise what we had just created.” He goes on to add, “I was about to lose my home and my girlfriend that night but it was worth it in the end as this became one of our strongest and most loved
tracks of the record.”
Before this project, Bracht and Nikolaus were working within completely separate musical spheres. Bracht was a successful techno producer touring the world, Nikolaus a go-to independent musician, navigating between Berlin and the rest of the world. Lea Porcelain aim to make “universal” music; songs people can treasure in day, night, between different states of mind. They want to make music for “the entire world”, and this partly stems from a globe-trotting past. Bracht toured the globe after growing up in Spain, France
and Germany. Nikolaus lived in Cork, Ireland, and both have spent time recording and living in London. ‘Bones’, a fervent salvo of stark, euphoric greatness that sees Lea Porcelain continue their foray forwards heralding the arrival of their debut album in the winter of 2017.


Bones artwork

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