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The Death Punch still has Five Fingers

Sometimes it just pays to wait for a story to develop instead of jumping on the rumor band wagon.  Two days ago several music media outlets ran with a mis-interpreted quote from Ivan Moody of Five Finger Death Punch.  He was immediately quoted as being out of the band at the end of 2017.  The official band statement had not yet been made.

There was a reason.

In a statement released officially through the band’s website, Ivan set the record straight.  While it is true that Ivan does wish to start a side project, he said in the statement:


He also elaborated that the side project was something to work on while the pending lawsuit with their label was being dealt with.  He also said that he was taken out of context by media “always looking to create headline that will make people click them.”

Commenting on their resiliency, he also said they have worked too hard over the last 10 years to just let the band go, and apologized for the media’s mistake.



This begs the question of why, after all the fake news, sensationalism and lies, do legitimate media and fans still do this?

You can read the entire contents of the official statement here:

Images and Article by Belinda Reedy.


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