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Kris Angelis “Heartbreak is Contagious” EP out now

Kris Angelis Journey’s Through Love on Sophomore EP, “Heartbreak is Contagious” out June 2nd, 2017
Los Angeles singer-songwriter, Kris Angelis, is set to release her sophomore EP, “Heartbreak is Contagious”, on June 2nd, 2017.  “Heartbreak is Contagious”is the follow-up to her critically acclaimed debut album, “Left Atrium,” which featured “Not Your Fault,” a single that was exclusively premiered on She continues in her usual prolific lyrical style while venturing into new territory with a hint of pop inspiration. These new sonic explorations have led to many accolades — her new single “Heartbreak is Contagious” recently won “Best Female Artist” in the 13th International Acoustic Music Awards as well as the LA Music Critics Award for Best Female EP. While another new track, “Built This House” is a Finalist in the International Songwriting Competition. Additionally, her dynamic song, “Kevin Bacon,” was featured in a commercial for her hometown of Pacific Grove, CA, in which she also starred. Her newest project, “Heartbreak is Contagious” is founded in her authentic acoustic songwriter aesthetics with a dose of pop coloring.

The first single and title track, “Heartbreak is Contagious,” launches into Kris’ signature acoustic style. Painting heartbreak as a domino effect, where one heart cracks and bends into another, it’s peppered with emotional confusion. The chorus bounds and leaps into an unforgettable melody that feels deceptively hopeful in the midst of so much uncertainty. It’s a honest representation of Kris the songwriter, setting the foundation for an EP that’s full of melodic fireworks. The reverberating “Built This House” is an emotional ballad awash in a reminiscent kind of hurt. When painful memories litter the space around you, this powerful track encapsulates the way those remnants can drive you to the the brink of despair. It’s a beautiful exploration in how letting go is more than just saying goodbye to the present, but also parting ways with the past. The vivaciously upbeat, “Kevin Bacon” pays tribute to the act of falling in love. From butterflies in your stomach to dancing your way through the romantic comedy of your dreams, Kris brings to life the giddy, whirlwind of excitement that possesses you. It’s the perfect cap to an album that journey’s from the first hint of a heartbreak, to feeling like you might never mend, only to discover that you can fall in love again.
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