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Daybreak release video for “Death Dreams”, EP out July 28

Daybreak absolutely decimated airwaves and all expectations last month when they released the first taste of their new EP ‘Death Dreams’ with single Lost Sentience, featuring Mark Poida. The EP will see it’s release into the world later this month on July 28th and is tracking to be one of the most anticipated Australian releases this year. The EP can be pre-ordered at iTunes now.

They are releasing the title track of the EP, ‘Death Dreams’ and its music video – a scuzzy, frenetic and hypercolour performance by the band. The EP features guest vocal spots by the afore-mentioned Mark Poida of Aversions Crown on track 1, Lost Sentience, but also from PolarisJamie Hails on track 6, Repulse. The song premiered on the radio last night on triple j‘s The Racket with Lochlan Watt to a huge response on the text line.

Daybreak started out as a group of five 15 year olds who became good mates through the band and over the years, have released two singles and an EP. They have supported a tonne of bands, including Ocean Grove, Hands Like Houses, Alpha Wolf, Polaris, Iconoclast, Hellions, Make Them Suffer and Attila.

Their growth and time spent developing this new crop of songs has resulted in this new EP ‘Death Dreams’. Setting time aside from playing shows, the band jumped in the studio in 2016 to record the EP and produced a huge, heavy and more matured sound that old fans can still resonate with. The band worked with Cody Brooks (Iconoclast) who produced previous single “The Possessor” in 2015.

daybreak-02 Shaun Cox, vocalist for the band had nothing but positive vibes about their future, and the work they did with Cody and the surrounding content they created for the EP. “We were stoked with what he got out of us so we decided to stick with him for the EP and we underwent a more intense recording process. At the same time we were working with Split Mask Media who have been producing film content for us since the band started. We worked on producing new music videos that were bigger and more hectic then our previous efforts and came out with two different but sick videos.”

Daybreak’s new EP ‘Death Dreams’ will be released into the world on Friday July 28th. For more information about Daybreak and their new video/single/EP, go to

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