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Stand Atlantic signs to Rude Records! Bonnie tells Jen their news.

Alternative pop/rock band, Stand Atlantic is Australia’s wonder act and exciting newcomers to the music scene. Formed in 2015, high-school friends Bonnie Fraser (vocalist), Jonno Panichi (drummer) and David Potter (bassist) have gone from strength-to-strength since releasing their demo EP. The trio have since supported local and international bands including As It Is, With Confidence and This Wild Life, and signed with international label, Rude Records only two years on.
Their debut single ‘Coffee at Midnight’ premiered on triple j’s Short. Fast. Loud. program. Bonnie says, “the song is about that feeling of desperately trying to cling onto something or someone vs. finally letting go and realising that maybe it just wasn’t that great in the first place.” With the accompanying music video, she adds “we wanted to show a more abstract/non linear story in the video of a relationship between two people – something that most people could relate to. Our director Kieran Ellis-Jones was great to work with and really brought everything to life.”
Enlisting the help of producer Stevie Knight (With Confidence), mixing engineer, James Wisner (As It Is) and mastering engineer, Grant Berry (BUSTED, Me VS Hero, Milestones) at the end of 2016, the band crafted Sidewinder. A 5-track EP that offers captivating vocals enveloped by a fresh blend of melodic hooks and power-driven instrumentals. With honest lyrics at its core, Sidewinder will undoubtedly launch Stand Atlantic and hook-in admiring fans along the way.
Stand Atlantic’s Sidewinder EP will be released on September 15, 2017 via Rude Records. The band will be supporting the release with local and international tours – stay tuned for more news to come.

 Jen has a chat to Bonnie to find out more info. 

Hi Bonnie, two years ago Jordan had a chat to you guys about your EP ‘A Place Apart.’ Since then so many great things have happened to you!

Thinking back two years how do you think you have changed and matured in that time?

Haha yeah I remember that interview for sure! Two years is a lot of time to grow and change so yes, definitely. Personally and musically, the guys and I have been through a lot in the past few years and learned a tonne – it’s been a huge rollercoaster.


Congrats on signing to Rude Records. You are so worthy. To be the only Australian band ever to sign with them you must be doubly stoked!
That is so kind of you to say, thank you! We are just as stoked and I still don’t even think it’s actually sunk in yet. Being the first Australian band to sign to Rude is crazy, we didn’t think we’d be first at anything but here we are haha. It’s awesome knowing Rude were that passionate about our music and welcomed us into their family. We couldn’t be happier!

Your EP ‘Sidewinder’ is due for release 15th of September. Does this EP have a central theme to it?

Thematically each song is different – a simple run-down is that it’s a record about making mistakes, owning and pushing for your goals and feeling second best. Musically though, we definitely stuck to a certain sound – we’ve got pop melodies and hooks, but we strongly embrace the more aggressive side of pop punk (The Story So Far, Knuckle Puck etc.).

On your previous EP the lyrics were extremely sincere, this has also come across in ‘Coffee at Midnight’. I think this as well as your pop punk sound is why I like your music. Clearly others have felt the same. Can we expect this from your other songs on your new EP?

That is a huge compliment thank you! For this record I made a point of being as honest and vulnerable as I could. Personally I think it makes it so much more special relating to a song when you can tell the writer is being sincere, which I hope people can feel throughout this EP.


Can you take ‘Coffee at Midnight’ and explain the inspiration you had while writing the lyrics?

It’s essentially reflecting on two mindsets I had during a fairly rough time in my personal life. It’s the push and pull of desperately clinging onto something or someone, then once you move forward and think back on the situation, you wonder why you were so scared to let it go – because it wasn’t really that great in the first place.

Coffee at Midnight is a strong first single to release via Rude Records, did you always know that it would be the lead single?

Once we’d finished writing the EP I think we were all pretty confident this would be the lead single. Before ‘Coffee At Midnight’ we hadn’t released new music in over 2 years, so we wanted a song that made a big statement for the direction we’ve gone in, and give a snapshot of what people can expect from the EP – basically a ‘this is who we are’ kind of thing haha.

The song highlights the strong vocals of Bonnie, who has a real pop punk style. Bonnie, have you always felt the pop punk was the direction that you wanted to take vocally?

Always, even when I didn’t know what pop punk was haha. I was obsessed with artists like Good Charlotte, Simple Plan and Avril growing up and then moved on to the classics: Blink, Green Day, Offspring etc. I’ve just always resonated with the genre for some reason! So to answer your question: a hard yes.

The music video highlights the abstract linear relationship of the couple that you wanted to show and shows the pure energy that you put into the live performance. How long did it take to shoot and is there anything that did not go as planned?

The shots of us only took a day. The storyline was shot in Melbourne so we weren’t there, but I think from memory it took about 2 days! Usually we don’t have the best luck for these kinds of things – but this shoot went pretty smoothly! Although Potter broke a light bulb trying to do a bass spin… so if the venue owner is reading this for some reason, please don’t sue us…


Is there a story behind the cover of Sidewinder with the snake and the green color?

Well, a sidewinder is a snake, so we thought that would just make sense. We wanted something really simple and we love the hand-drawn kind of artwork style so that’s what we got, and we’re stoked!

I hope to hear more of you guys, and with all the great things that are happening momentum is building so you will go from success to success!

Thank you guys so much! We appreciate you taking the time to interview us, thanks for asking cool questions!

Thanks, Jen

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