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Jen catches up with ‘Tempting Fate’ as they release new music “Catharsis”.

Tempting Fate was formed in Los Angeles, CA by brothers Cory and Shane Beecher in 2010. Born and raised in Redwood City, CA, Shane and Cory were constantly back and forth between Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay Area. It was on one of the many trips back and forth that they came up with the name “Tempting Fate”. After many instances of cheating death and avoiding disasters they felt that they were constantly tempting their own fate and decided it would be a very appropriate band name. “I remember one of the most notable times, we were towing a big double axle 14 foot trailer down to LA in the pouring rain, when suddenly, something slammed into the back of my truck. It was the trailer…it had somehow come off the tow hitch, slammed into the back of my truck and then continued to whip back and forth while only connected via the safety chains. It was not a very pleasant experience. 10 minutes later, it happened a second time.” -says vocalist Cory Beecher.

The brothers began writing and recording songs with fellow Musicians Institute friend and engineer Julius Callahan, which would later become their debut album ‘Pushing Through’. Once the album was recorded, they began piecing together a band first from fellow MI students and Craigslist hopefuls, where they found long term bassist Matt Campbell and drummer Alex Rivas. The band began rehearsing and taking on any shows they could around the Los Angeles area and San Fransisco Bay Area. After many shows, they began working on a new album ‘Hate Nation’ which was a bit of a pivot to a mixture of Electronic Dubstep and Metal that they called ‘Dub -Metal’. They began playing many notable music venues along the Sunset strip including the Whisky, Viper Room, The Roxy, and other smaller venues ultimately leading to a spot on the Sunset Music Festival in 2012 alongside such names as Offspring, Bad Religion, Black Label Society, Marylin Manson, and Steve Aoki. From there, they began working on what would be a much heavier Metalcore album ‘Illusions’. “We wanted to do an album reminiscent of the music that got us hooked in the first place. We grew up listening to Avenged Sevenfold, Atreyu, Darkest Hour, and Underoath and we wanted to do something similar but with our own style. We wanted it to be heavy, extremely heavy, yet with very catchy choruses.” – says guitarist and vocalist Shane Beecher.

After the release of ‘Illusions’, the band began playing shows to promote the album. “We found it a lot more challenging to promote such a heavy album but nonetheless we we’re determined!” the album gained a lot of popularity with over 6,500 album downloads but promotion was ultimately halted following the unexpected death of Shane and Cory’s older brother Jesse Beecher. “When that happened, we just completely fell off the map. We didn’t even know if we wanted to continue with music; being far away from family was hard and writing new material was just too painful. We took a lot of time off, spent time with family, and just focused on healing and maturing. Once the clouds started to clear we knew our brother would want us to follow our dreams and not give up, so we began working on ‘Catharsis’”. Now back and stronger than ever, Tempting fate is ready to take on the world and conquer what they first set out to do: Be the biggest rock band in the world! 

You can purchase ‘Catharsis’ here


Hi guys. 

Brothers hey? If I was in a band with my brother we would fight most of the time or at least ignore each other, do you find there are any issues like that?

Once in a while, but for the most part we seem to get along.  We’ve definitely had our fair share of arguments, fist fights, glass breaking, and headlocks… but for the most part we love each other!

Good to hear. You came up with the name Tempting Fate after a nasty mishap, well two. Can you tell us about that? Bit scary.

We were driving down to Los Angeles from The San Francisco Bay Area. We had a couple shows that weekend so we were towing our double axle trailer to store our gear in between shows. It was raining and we were doing about 80 mph when something slammed into the back of my truck. I looked in the rearview and saw the trailer whipping back and forth, completely jack knifed slamming into each corner of the back of my truck. It had somehow come off the ball and we were just dragging it by the safety chains. We pulled over and put it back on but it did the same exact thing 10 minutes later! We had so many close calls around that time and we felt ‘Tempting Fate’ was the perfect band name!

I love your goal. To become the biggest rock band in the world. No need to hold back and not tell us your plans! Great plan. Do you have mini goals that are achievable as stepping stones to your main goal?

Right now our main goal is to book some shows as well as get on tours. It’s been a while, we’ve taken some time off, and now we’re ready to hit it hard! We’re just really proud of this album and we want people to hear it. We’ve poured our hearts and souls into this and people NEED to hear it!

I have listened to your album a few times now. I must admit when I was listening to Catharsis I was surprised by the change of vocal style. In a good way! This contrast made your music stand out from the many emails I get per day to listen to. As I listened to more of your album, I liked more and more what I heard. Was it your intention to have such a contrast in lyrical style? Do both you do the growling style?

Yeah, we’ve both always been a fan of songs that have a strong contrast, such as super heavy verses with poppy melodic choruses but we also wanted to showcase our true ability. We grew a lot before and during the making of this album and we wanted it to show. We wanted this album to cover the full spectrum musically and lyrically. And yes, we both do growls and clean singing as well. 


How does your writing process go? Do you write together or separately?

We definitely write separately, but we do collaborate on some songs.

‘Looking Through the Cracks’ is quite a sad song that is very relatable. A person explaining how they don’t belong a trying to disappear. Is that correct? 

Yes, it is about feeling like you don’t belong with society and about not being happy with the person you’ve become. 

My fav on the album is ‘Crash and Burn’ Me against the world. The more I listen to the whole album the more I change my mind about which song is my fav. So I will stop thinking about it! Can you choose a song and take us through the concept, writing process and how it came all together?

Well the concept behind Eminence is all about the struggle of trying to make it in music and how discouraging it can be at times. The time you miss with family and friends while spending time in the studio and working on music can be frustrating and sometimes isn’t an easy choice to make. We wanted the song to be really heavy with a catchy chorus. It actually started with an insanely heavy intro with blast beats but ironically thats the part that didn’t make the cut


Guys, I was not sure if you wanted to talk about Jesse or not. As you said I do feel that he would have wanted you to follow your dreams. If you don’t mind can you explain how coming to terms with Jesse’s passing and how the writing the album was helpful to you to heal? Really sorry for your loss. 

When it first happened we all but gave up on music. We were so hurt and broken we just wanted to be around family and try to heal. We had already written a few songs for the album before he passed  and we just paused everything. When we finally began writing again there was obviously a much different vibe and a lot of things changed.  This album was a huge part of the healing process and many songs show the different stages of grief and healing.  Some of the songs like “Shadows” and “Slave” actually have clips of Jesse’s voice singing and screaming, so it was very difficult to have to mix these songs and listen to his voice on an almost daily basis.

Thanks guys.

Thank you Jen for the interview

– Shane & Cory 

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