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NEIMY drops single ’18’.

From an early age, NEIMY grew up listening to Bob Dylan and was inspired by her mum who was a songwriter. Living in a small Swedish village that was rich in the art and music culture there is little doubt that NEIMY was going to be an artist. Two years after being featured on Jubël’s ‘Dancing in the Moonlight’ she has released her own single called 18. This song is a perfect showcase for NEIMY’s vocal sound. What a vocal sound that is! AMAZING. One of the best vocals I have heard, it made the song ’18’ pop out. The meaning of the lyrics is also commendable, I really feel like it is me looking back on her story. It has been a while for me but I remember that feeling of becoming an adult and thinking that I will do a much better job at being an adult than my parents. It was a short and sweet time, then the burdens of Uni, renting, running a car and making big decisions hit! ’18’ is a must listen to song and I think it deserves to become a hit. Take a listen here. 


“My song ‘18’ is about looking back at that innocent time when you were in the beginning of being an adult,” said NEIMY. “How you might look back and realize that you still were so little and fragile but felt like you ruled the world.”



Visit NEIMY Online:

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