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Star crossed Lovers Spiff & Fifi release beautiful cover of ‘Stumblin’ In’!

Spiff & Fifi’s cover ‘Stumblin’ In’ showcases not just their musical talent but the reunited couple sparks flying! Their stunning version is vibrant and heartwarming.” Jen -Music Injection Aus

Not many heart warming stories came out of 2020 but I have one to tell you about today! Back in the 80’s Fiona Horne. (Def FX) and Dave Hopkins (The Hellmenn) dated while gigging together but then went their separate ways. They lived the next chapter of their lives in different countries until 2020 ground the world to a halt. Reconnecting over social media they realised that they still had feelings for each other and made a leap of faith to be together again. Fiona was living in the Caribbean and was a commercial pilot and Dave was living in WA working as a Naturopath and had formed local rock bands. Fiona moved to be with Dave in WA and formed ‘Spiff & Fifi’ and now have released a delightful cover of ‘Stumblin’ In’. You only need to watch the video to see for yourself the chemistry between them that was never destined to die. Just like my story with my husband. True love exists!

Debut single released 28 May 2021

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