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Low Key Crush releases new song called ‘Shelter’.

Melbourne band Low Key Crush has released a gem of a song called ‘Shelter’. This is their second single after ‘Swimming Laps’ that was released early 2019. That song received accolades from Triple J Home and Hosed and featured as a Triple J Unearthed Best New Music. It also received radio play. ‘Shelter’ also deserves all of this as well. With a gentle beat and Tim emotional filled vocals ‘Shelter’ is a low key song compared to ‘Swimming Laps’. There is actually no pun intended! Honestly! Tim and Ella’s harmonies are amazing and the great drumming of Taycian also needs to be mentioned. ‘Shelter’ is a good song to listen to when you want to relax and chill out by the pool. Take a listen to ‘Shelter’ here. 

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