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YOHIO releases new single called ‘Silent Rebellion’.

YOHIO is a Swedish artist living in Tokyo that released music both in Japanese and in English. Coming from a long line of musicians and actors YOHIO is a confident young artist that can effortlessly sing in English, Japanese and Swedish. YOHIO’s love for everything Japanese began when he was 9 years old through manga and anime. He has immersed himself in their culture and in turn has many Japanese fans.
Silent Rebellion’ is his forth single from his upcoming album ‘Neon Light Symphony’. I adore this song due to the variation both vocally and musically. With clever lyrics building up just like a rebellion would go. YOHIO’s vocals are so versatile, they slip in between clean and growling. I can certainly see why YOHIO’s popularity has increased through the songs off his album ‘Neon Light Symphony’. Take a listen to ‘Silent Rebellion’ here. 


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