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Jordan Merrick releases single “Travellin”

“It’s a beautiful song.”
(Roots N All, Triple J) [about Untitled #1]

Single ‘You Gotta Go’ Reached #2 in the AMRAP Regional Charts (May)

“It’s an anachronistic yet essentially timeless sound that Merrick has crafted for himself”

Merrick has revived the Australian bush ballad. More raw in energy and less colloquial than those before him…”
(Happy Music Mag) 
[About debut single ‘Untitled #1’]

“My imagination gets carried away with this track.”
(Indie Shuffle) [About debut single ‘Untitled #1’]

The Brisbane-based Folk singer-songwriter, Jordan Merrick has had a huge year so far with his solo debut, but there are still months left and he has plenty more up his sleeve and is releasing a brand new single, ’Travellin’ (Out August 11).

This humble, musical-poet released his single ‘Untitled #1’ in February which alone has had 100k+ plays on Spotify, had national radio play on Triple J and was later followed up by the single ‘You Gotta Go’ that reached #2 in the AMRAP Regional charts in May. Merrick then took his debut EP ‘In Colour’ (released May 5) on tour along the East Coast of Australia.

This new release from Merrick follows suit in style and capacity to instil a sense of calm and stunning, colourful imagery in the mind. Littered with references to iconic Australian attractions from the city to the country, to nursery rhymes and fairy tales that we all know and love, ’Travellin’ is a story about the nomadic nature of life and love.

Merrick has stated: “We’re constantly looking for the right place to anchor down and build our lives, and often this leads to a lot of trial and error. We travel until our home is found – be it home in the form of land, love or work.

Making it perfect for the speeds reached on the A1 or Hume highway, ‘Travellin’ takes a route of it’s known utilising a faster-paced strumming style in contrast to his fingerpicking on previously released tracks. Furthermore, accompany Merrick’s vocals and guitar is Canadian harmonica player Peter Modos who’s solo captures the essence of the travelling folksmen to a tee. 

With a wonderful ability to create a sound that is relevant to the modern listener, yet reminiscent of a completelydifferent time, Merrick has an Australian heart like Paul Kelly, passion like Xavier Rudd, but a sound inspired by legends of folk such as Bob Dylan.

Website | Facebook |  Soundcloud | Bandcamp | SpotifyiTunes  | Insta: @jordanmerrick18 

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