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Gravemind’s “The Deathgate” hits the ARIA and AIR Charts!

Deathcore squad Gravemind‘s EP ‘The Deathgate’ was released last week and the floodgates have opened – with the completely independent niche–within-niche genre Deathcore record hitting #70 on the ARIA Charts overall, #20 on the Australian Artists Chart and #2 on the Australian Independent AIR Chart. A massive effort for the Melbourne outfit, who have very few of the vinyl record pre-orders they put on pre-order last week as well. 

For most of the release week, they sat within the top 5 Metal releases, top 20 Rock releases and top 100 overall in iTunes and number 2 Metal release in Bandcamp. 

The release was announced via a viral mystery website – to which they revealed themselves to bethe ones behind It was a source of mystery that many media outlets tried to solve – The MusickillyourstereoRogue IncAAA BackstageRedditTomatraxDeathcore Memes and more searched the site from top to bottom for clues, with varying degrees of success.

Early July saw Melbourne Deathcore outfit Gravemind unveil that they were behind mystery website The site countdown eventually revealed that Gravemind were behind the site. 

They are heading out on their EP release tour in September, which sees them on a three date jaunt in Brisbane, Melbourne and Launceston that brings along fellow Deathcore crew Blind Oracle for the Brisbane and Melbourne shows.

Punters can look forward to seeing Gravemind on tour, having developed their sound and bone-rattling live show in shows with bands such as Architects, House Vs Hurricane, I Killed the Prom QueenKing ParrotHollow World, Iconoclast, A Night in Texas and Justice for the Damned

Gravemind’s EP ‘The Deathgate’ is out now. Singles ‘Anaesthesia’ and ‘Echo’ are available now in iTunes and Spotify and all online retailers. For more information go to



Thursday 14th September – Brisbane, QLD
with Blind Oracle, Initiate Jericho and Season Unending

Thursday 21st September – Melbourne, VIC
with Blind Oracle, Windwaker, The Gloom in the Corner

Saturday 24th September – Launceston, TAS
with Uncle Geezer, The Absolution Sequence and Majula

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