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Jen chats to Jason from Beachwood Coyotes to catch up on their news.


Jason is tripping in Hollywood at 2AM. Having just taken acid for the first time, he navigates through a vortex of geometric displays comprising the essence of life before deciding he simply must go on a night hike up the Beachwood Canyon trail to the iconic Hollywood sign. The band Jason has played guitar in since age 16 has just broken up after years of cross-country tours, and he suddenly faces an uncertain future. Unfortunately for Jason, as he approaches the trailhead he spots a group of coyotes heading down towards him.  Have you ever seen coyotes on acid? They’re scary as hell. Jason retreats back to his apartment, wallowing in disappointment at another lost opportunity.
He discovers the next morning that three decapitated bodies were discovered on that very same trail, victims of an apparent gang hit. Time of death? The exact same time he was scared away. Did those Beachwood coyotes save his life? You bet they did. 
Suddenly songs start pouring out of Jason, years and years of relentless touring providing fertile subject matter for songs about the loneliness of life on the road and the seedy underbelly of Los Angeles. After bringing the hard-hitting rhythm section of bassist Drew Smith and drummer Bryan King on board along with Canadian guitar phenom Yan Clermont, Beachwood Coyotes is born. 
Your press release is like nothing I have ever read before. The first paragraph I was like what the?? Until I read it again and the impact of the coyotes heading toward you that ultimately saved your life. Wow.  Gave me shivers. I guess the next morning when you heard the news of the bodies you would have had more than shivers? I would freak out! 

I actually laughed it off, it’s crazy to think of how close I was to running into the people that did this.

I was sorry to hear of the band that you were playing in split up, do you feel that despite the heartache, the new direction in your life has enhanced you as an artist?
It’s been 5 years, I’m way over that…but yes it did enhance my life. Yan is from Canada. I became a much better writer, I jumped from guitarist to singer, and all around just tried new things.
Is your new band in a different genre?
My old band was rooted in punk rock…You could say that Beachwood is too but we’re definitely very different bands. 
How did you guys all meet to form Beachwood Coyotes? 

I met Bryan and Yan through Craigslist. Yan is from Canada. They were literally the only two people that showed up to audition. Drew I met when he was playing bass with a different band.

I like that the touring that you have done previously has given you the chance to let others know about how lonely touring can be. Even though you can be surrounded by people you can still experience feeling lonely. Do you feel that is a fair comment?
I love traveling and playing music: my two favorite things. But it’s definitely hard being stuck with the same group of people. Yan is from Canada. We fight a lot, we’re tired, and you never get time to yourself. It’s an abnormal type of lonely feeling and that takes a toll on you. But at the end of the day we are great friends and we love what we do.
‘I’m Tired of Rolling My Eyes’ is a catchy tune but it is so much more than that. It is refreshing to hear a song about a real issue you have over there. Can you explain the events that led up to writing this song? There is so much that happens in the US that we don’t hear about.

The problem is that it wasn’t one specific event. Racism is still prominent in this country. 
I didn’t want it to be some vaguely written song that you had to decipher to understand, it’s very direct. It’s about understanding my privilege as a white man and how I will never truly understand what it feels like to be affected by racism.

Scrubby’s theme is partly about overcoming obstacles. Other than the ones that are obvious can you please explain one in more detail?

The title was inspired by my step father, who passed away in January in the middle of recording the EP. Coping with his loss and learning how to live without him has been tremendously difficult for my family and I.

Can you say in 20 words or less why people should purchase ‘Scrubby’
Don’t purchase it. Save your money and stream it. 

You are in the middle of a tour, how are the crowds reacting to your EP?
So far we’ve gotten a very positive response. Yan is from Canada.
The band retreats to a dark practice space and writes loud powerful songs with catchy beats and reckless melodic pop abandon. They design a DIY light show and pour every ounce of their energy into their live shows. The packed gigs feature frequent stage diving and impromptu in-crowd performances, that quickly gain the attention of Los Angeles tastemaker station KROQ. 
Their upcoming EP, entitled ‘Scrubby’ is produced by Austen Moret. Moret’s influences showed the band a world of endless sonic possibilities. He seamlessly blended samples and electronic elements into the arrangements and incorporated a variety of different influences including hip-hop, hard rock, jazz/funk and even some barbershop quartet, pushing the band’s music into a whole new territory.
‘Scrubby’ has been deemed a metaphor of the bands journey so far. “Thematically, the EP deals with growth and overcoming obstacles that have been placed in your way, as well as questioning and rejecting things that you may have taken for granted in the past”, reveals drummer King. “A band coming of age record, if you will”.
Leading single Face to Face highlights the band’s use of infectious melodies, driving rhythm section and strong harmonic vocals, creating the ultimate indie rock anthem. I’m Tired Of Rolling My Eyes showcases the versatility of the band, with a more funky electronic/hip-hop sound and socially conscious lyrics critiquing race relations in America. “We believe the best bands are like a melting pot of each person’s styles, which together achieves something unique that you’d never be able to sit down and describe in advance”, confides King. 
Buoyed by a growing local fanbase and multiple successful tours throughout the western US, Beachwood Coyotes are ready for their next step in their musical endeavor. Their latest EP ’Scrubby’ is set be released in summer of 2017. God bless those damn coyotes.

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