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Shane Todd from Silverstein talks to Jen about his project ‘River Oaks’ and the upcoming Australian tour.

River Oaks is a project from Silverstein main man Shane Told. A true one man solo project, Shane plays every instrument on his debut EP which he will be playing along with select Silverstein tracks!
Acoustically driven, emotionally laid bare with Shane’s signature pop punk sensibilities.

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When asked if there was anything that Shane could say to entice punters to the tour he said  Well, it’s not really just a show it’s more of an event.  Hawthorne playing basically ALL of their old stuff, I’m playing Silverstein songs acoustic which I never do, and it will definitely be just a great vibe.  I also might have free stickers if Australian border control doesn’t seize them along with my Clif Bars and cashews.  See Below for the Tour or should I say event. Going to be a cracker of a show!
 Jen had the chance to catch up with Shane to chat about the upcoming tour and more.
We are super happy that you are heading to Australia to sing not only your own songs but Silverstein songs.
Yeah!  It’s fun to do my own new ones people haven’t heard yet, but also fun to put a new twist on some old ones people haven’t heard performed all stripped down.  It makes for a really great vibe.
I read through you Facebook and it seems you are pretty keen to come down here. What are your main reasons that you love Australia so much?
People are so damn rad, chilled out, but also forward thinking.  And so excited about seeing live music.  I think it’s because they don’t get as many shows, or maybe they just appreciate the fact that it took about 3000 hours on an airplane for the bands to get there. 
You were recently here supporting Pierce the Veil, can you tell me what places you went to that you loved or if there is any bucket list you want to tick off?
Well, that tour was really really quick as most Aussie tours are, but my favourite was all the hanging out we got to do.  Sure, we did the classic Aus stuff, like hold a Koala, but most of my favourite nights were just hanging out hard at the hotel lobby bar telling old stories.  I will say I checked off the bucket list that I once got so drunk I passed out in my bed and woke up the next day still wearing my hat and my backpack.  So that’s one for the ages.  
I love your tour poster for your tour in the US, a single finger print. Is the meaning behind that you have put you own identity in your work and it is uniquely yours?
Actually it’s a tree stump!  I can totally see how you could see that though.  I think the meaning is… now I’m old as hell like a tree… cut me open and see how many rings you can count.  
Ha! You have done a tour before with JT Woodruff from Hawthorn Heights as well as Mark Rose, I assume then you are good mates and get along well? If not it won’t be an enjoyable tour!
Yeah we’re old buddies and just get along so well.  I think we were all really high strung and excitable and stressed out when we were starting out all together.  Now we’re all mellowed out and laid back.  So it’s fun to kind of harness the youth energy a little bit and relive the old days when we get together but at the same time we’re all really chill.  It’s a good vibe when we’re all together  
Any funny stories that you can tell us of things that you guys got up to together?
Well we all went to Vegas… There’s a movie called “Last Vegas” I think Morgan Freeman is in it…. yeah picture that.  
Let’s talk about your music. I am a pop punk fan and I really like ‘Let You Down’, it is a contagious tune. It has lyrics that are full of sorrow. Was this song by taking stock of you own personal feelings?
Yeah, it’s basically a song about cheating on the live of my life when I was younger.  It’s pretty fucking real and dark and singing it still makes me feel like shit for what I did.  The action, the regret, the anxiety, the lying, the covering it up.  It did do one thing and that’s teach me a lot about myself.  It’s a powerful tune though, you’re right.  
How have the crowds that have seen ‘Let You Down’ received this song? I can imagine it would be insane to play live.
I think they go more full on ego when I play Roman Candle to be honest, but Let You Down has these big open chords and really does sound huge.  
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How hard is it to juggle your two musical projects as well as your personal life? Do you ever get any time to have a day of nothingness?
Dude (I know you’re female but I call my Mum dude), I also have a podcast which is pretty popular now and it takes up possibly the most time of all three projects!  So yeah, my life is pretty insane, I don’t really know how I get through some days but I just take each task as it comes and if it gets overwhelming I just get in an uber and go to the bar and worry about it the next day wherever I end up.  
Thanks Shane, 
See you soon!


Monday, August 28: Amplifier Bar, Perth*
Tuesday, August 29: Fowlers Live, Adelaide Lic/AA
Thursday, August 31: Corner Hotel, Melbourne
Friday, September 1: Small Ballroom, Newcastle
Saturday, September 2: The Bald Faced Stag, Sydney
Sunday, September 3: The Zoo, Brisbane
Monday, September 4: Shark Bar, Gold Coast*
Tuesday, September 5: Kings Arms, Auckland* **
 *Sienna Skies not appearing **Hawthorne Heights only
Tickets are $35 + GST & BF
On sale Tuesday, June 27 @ 9.00am
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