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Vault of Valor release “Plague of the Earth” video/single & launch shows

Vault of Valor are dropping their brand new single ‘Plague of the Earth’ – a scathing look at what Humans have done to the very planet on which we live. ‘Plague of the Earth’ is inspired directly from Sir David Attenborough, who said in one of his documentaries that it was indeed Humans, over all else are the actual plague on the Earth’s well-being more than any natural disaster or epidemic. Along with it, they are dropping a stunning filmclip and launch dates in Perth and Adelaide.

The track is available in iTunes and Spotify and all good online outlets now. In fact, the track was immediately added to the official Spotify Homegrown & Heavy playlist.

The videoclip for the track and the concept behind it all was created by the band (over 6 months!) and involved Keiran from Crystal Arrow films to do all the filming – and it follows the narrative of the lyrics through imagery/juxtaposition. The final sequence of the clip saw the band roll up their sleeves, hit Bunnings and create their own purpose-built, custom-made rain machine for the effect.

vault-of-valor-02Guitarist for the band Max Mawby is more than excited about the release. “I just love watching documentaries and after watching a Sir David Attenborough doco called “How many people can live on Planet Earth”, it inspired the lyrics to the song. The documentary is about world population and the growth of human civilisation outnumbering the number of finite resources we have to sustain such a huge number of people. After the documentary I began researching the topic and found inspiration in a talk given by Albert Bartlett – RIP. On exponential growth it’s listed on youtube as the most important video you’ll ever see – and I think he raises some very interesting and logical points on the subject. We have been so eager to put this out since releasing our debut EP and I think it shows a step up in song writing ability and creativity – which we wanted to push ourselves with.

Since debuting online in July 2016 and establishing themselves on the Australian Heavy Music scene, Vault of Valor has received amazing exposure and great feedback after releasing their debut EP ‘Pathways’ and debuting their music video for the track My Sacrifice. Ranking among the best-selling bands on Bandcamp for their category upon release, they have been fulfilling CD and merch orders from all over the world, including England, Thailand, Japan, Russia, America, Belarus, Canada, Sweden and South Africa.

Late 2016 saw the band winning Buried In Verona‘s ‘Last Leg Up’ Competition which had them opening for the band on their last ever Australian tour and sharing the stage with Capture The Crown, Foxblood & Arkive. Their debut single ‘My Sacrifice’ was added to Homegrown + Heavy spotify playlist.

“Plague of the Earth” is in iTunes and Spotify and all good online outlets now. For more information, go to


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