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‘So Far Way’ is an absolute GEM of a song. Totally relatable lyrics with a message that anyone that has fallen in love can connect to.  Take a listen! Music Injection Aus

Hi Adam,

Momentum is building for you with the release of your song ‘So Far Away’, today is the day of release (it will be when this goes out) how are you feeling about all of your hard work and personal touches that go into a song being releases to the world?

It’s always a mixture of excitement and a little anxiety when it comes to releasing music for me. I’m thrilled to be putting another new single out, but you always hope that it will be well received by people. I’m really proud of this song and think that it’s a bit of a different direction stylistically for me. So much work goes on behind the scenes that nobody sees, from recording and writing to making artwork, visuals, and preparing for a release. I hope everyone enjoys it!

Your goal is to create music that makes the listener feel something. You have achieved this goal with ‘So Far Away’ Please don’t give up now you have achieved this goal though! Haha.

Thank you! And definitely not! This song is just the beginning of some more stuff I’ll be releasing soon. I want my catalogue to grow into something that anyone can relate to, and that can become a soundtrack for people’s lives who listen – like my favorite artists have done for me.

This song is very relatable, the idea of not being able to get through to people makes us feel that they are so far away. Is this a personal journey or one that you can just connect to? Either way the song makes the listener understand.

Yes, all my material comes from somewhere personal and from experiences, whether very directly or more as a theme. This song is about that feeling of alienation and confusion that comes when a relationship is fading. Sometimes it’s not something big that has to happen for people to grow apart. It can happen slowly over time, and usually that’s more painful too.


What is next for you after the release is over? Considering you want to get out on the road as much as you can. You are very active in the live scene, already 2 US tours under your belt. What is your favourite part of touring?

I have some shows/tours I’ll be doing the rest of 2017, as well as preparing more music to come out as soon as I can! I love touring because I get to travel and play shows every night. It’s two of my favorite things. I also love meeting new people and performing for different crowds each night. Nothing I’d rather be doing, honestly.

Do you feel a strong connection to your fans with stories that they tell you how they have listened to your music and it has helped them emotionally?

Absolutely. While this journey for me is still in the early stages, I have some incredibly dedicated and amazing fans who support what I do. I’m still trying to get my music to more people, but those who have become part of the Wanderer family so far are truly wonderful people, and they make everything I’m doing so much more meaningful.

Thanks Adam,



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