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Jen talks to Rebecca from Rackett about their 2017 news.

RACKETT make loud and experimental punk-pop. Since forming at the start of 2016 (from Sydney, Australia), RACKETT have been steadily crafting an adventurous live show which has been described by The Music as ‘It’s intense…It’s Magical’. 

Jen had the chance to catch up with Rebecca to see what they were up to.

Hi, Rebecca, I am amazed at what you have achieved this year! Can you share some highlights with us?

Releasing our debut EP, Ready or Not, gaining new fans in Australia and overseas in Japan, America and Sweden. Charting in the Swedish iTunes Music Charts. Touring with the Darkness. Learning how to manage ourselves independently.

Awesome year for you. How was the EP release in regards to the way fans or new fans received your new music on the Ready or Not EP tour? Clearly the fact that show were sold out is a good sign!

We have developed personal relationships with all of our fans. They regularly come to our shows, we know them by first names and we integrate them into the show. We cherish them, they are our extended family and we could not have released the EP or continued to play live without them.

I will see you at one of the Melbourne shows with Killing Heidi, I interviewed them last month. Looking forward to seeing you. Are you looking forward to that tour and meeting people at gigs that will fall in love with Rackett?

So excited. I come from Bundaberg. I’m a rough, country girl at heart. These regional shows will allow me to connect with these new audiences in a very natural way.


I love the idea of a unique handmade sleeve for to keep the CD/LP safe from scratch. Are you passionate about the way our world is going in regards to the environment?

I am vegan and care greatly about the state of our environment and the state of our universal mental health. The EP is one step toward a direction we want to go; sustainable living and low-impact production. We are in the process of integrating this into all of our merch, currently collecting second hand materials from retirement villages to manufacture a line of merchandise for next year. Mi-Wallet is a leader in designing upcycled products. He used a single sheet of paper from The BRAG and designed a fold/origami to encase the CD.

You have some really great reviews from the music media. Have you had bad feedback and do you have strategies to deal with it?

We’ve never had any bad feedback from the audience, only squealing feedback from onstage monitors.

Ouch! Are you always wearing the white dress and red stockings? Although on stage there are different clothes worn. I saw on Facebook that there was some taking off some clothes? Lol Can you tell us the story of that?

I guess you’ll have to keep your eye out for what we’re wearing or not wearing.

 You are not giving anything away there! Do you have any news on what you will be doing next year? Or is that too far ahead?

We will be performing a new show next year, after Killing Heidi we will be going away together somewhere in the country to curate a new show for our audiences. We want to record a new EP and work on our line of upcycled merchandise.

Thanks for your time, Rebecca.


RACKETT Revised Tour Poster

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