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DIPLOMA is an energetic 5 piece punk band, pulling members from around the Commonwealth (Aus,Can,NZ). Their unique style coalesces around a common love for aggressive, melodic, sincere music and artistic expression. With influences as global as their membership, in DIPLOMA you can hear elements of Moneen (CAN) Clowns (AUS) and Kitsch (NZ).These varying styles give DIPLOMA a unique sound united by a common commitment; to deliver honest art as intensely as possible, leaving it all on stage. Hi guys,

You guys are playing around Melbourne a fair bit, even as far out as Warburton, I know you guys are Melbournian like myself, who are the ring in’s from other parts of the world?

Haha. Actually Myself (Matt) and Adam (singer) are from Montreal, Quebec, Canada. So we get a lot of “oh so you’re like America junior”… yes except 80 of my province people are French and we have and British monarch. We also get “Oh I’m sorry I assumed you were american. I know you hate that”. We don’t. Some of the best people we have kissed are American. Our drummer Aaron is from New Zealand, like most killer punk musicians in Melbourne.

Does Adam always start a set with biting a balloon ? haha Loved that video.

Nah. That just ended up onstage. It funny he’s no extrovert IRL. Put a mic in front of him and  he loses his shit and becomes an alter ego.

Yeah thought so. Entertaining! I enjoyed listening to your music to the Ice Hockey punch up, seemed fitting really. How about a music video with just all different IH punch ups? I love going to IH matches, I assure you it is not only for the punch ups!

Adam and I are both huge Habs fans (Montreal Canadiens). It’s hard to explain. Think of all of Melbourne only having 1 AFL team, but more them that. Picture only having 1 sports team in all of Melbourne and the rest of the country didn’t speak your language. A lot is wrapped up in that. Makes for some wild nights. The fighting part is always hard to explain, growing up playing the game it all makes sense somehow. Look up hockey trash talk on youtube and tell me fights aren’t going to happen.

Let’s talk about the EP. Did you have an idea in your heads the way you wanted the sound to go?

Not really. It’s really just want needs to come out. A lot of what we do is expressions of what we feel the need to get out of us. I know that sounds odd, but it kinda leads to a sound that has urgency.



I like the title. I also think about when I have ideas in my head that everything makes sense and the direction that my life needs to go. There definitely is a cost and hurdles to keep that clarity. Is that what your title means?

Ya basically that’s it!. If you want to live  a virtuous life there is a cost to that. It’s not about telling other how to live to telling others what you believe. That’s all social media bullshit. That’s all just white knights fighting each other.  To be a good human takes more than that.

You have released this by yourself when you had a choice of some labels, what were your reasons for not signing with a label?

We had a bit of label interest so far, but I think part of our hesitation lies in labels as a whole. To be signed to a label means to be, in a very real sense labeled. “Oh they are signed to BLANK they must think and be like this”. It’s endemic of much of what is causing problems in the world today. There is comfort in being part of group, or tribe, we get that. But we feel a bit more nuanced than that. When we sign to a label we hope to find one that is not solely a means of gathering or excluding people.

I like the honesty that your vocals have. In particular I really like ‘ end and end and end (then die).’ This sound reminds me of Blink’s sound. (Dammit) not that I have a problem with that! What was the story behind this song?

That means a lot to hear. All our lyrics are quite personal and putting them out leave you vulnerable. I think that what makes the difference between real and commercial art.   End one thing, then another, then another then we die. This song is about one of those transitions..

How did the crowds at your gigs react to you playing the EP?

The launch was wild and we loved it. We had one of the best lineups Melbourne could put on even with legendary Gladstone having to pull out last minute.

What is next for you guys?

Trying to live our best life. Got a bunch of shows lined up which we are appmed for. We are also only a few songs away from releasing our first full length.

Check out the Music Video to Lauralie here

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