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Reside release single “Home” and announce debut EP “Closing Doors”

Melbourne newcomers Reside have released single Home, a thrashing, powerful track about self worth and the closer to their newly announced debut EP ‘Closing Doors’ to be release on Friday, October 27.

As the closing track on ‘Closing Doors’, Home is a stepping off point for Reside, a moment of closure on the EP and a signal of the future for this fresh band.

Home was a song that started from an idea I had with another song. I wanted this song to be one that wasn’t as dark as the rest of the EP. One thing I really love about this song is the back and fourth between Sale and I,” said vocalist and guitarist, Liam Guinane.

Creating the perfect final track for ‘Closing Doors’ was very important for Reside, and to ensure the track was a representation of the band as a whole; the boys employed an interesting writing technique.

Home was the most difficult to write for me. The creative process lyrically was up hill. It became an open letter to the band and myself. Home is ‘Closing Doors’ at its core, leaving the old and welcoming the new,” said vocalist and bassist, Sale Brown.

‘Closing Doors’ is a personal piece from the perspective of four guys making their way through life, but the charm in what they do is the honesty and reliability; anyone can understand feeling lost

‘Closing Doors’ sums up a period in my life. Whether it be relationships, the people I meet, the music I listen to, whatever internal struggles I’m having. The writing was very personal,” said Guinane.

“It’s been a pretty crazy year, not bad just crazy. ‘Closing Doors’ for me is about stepping into who I feel I should be rather than stagnating and fading into mediocrity,” said drummer, Dylan Houston.


We are outer-eastern Melbourne’s response to the world-wide trends of pop-music. The antithesis to repetitious drawl that seems to encapsulate the masses. We are combating processed, over commercialized norms of modern music the only way we know how; by forming a 4-piece boy band that plays rock music.

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